WiFi Connection along with Geofencing

A feature that would be nice to see besides Geofencing (as I am always having issues with it auto arming and disarming) would be the ability for HE to detect when my mobile devices are connected to the same local network as my hub to disarm and arm HSM. Not sure on how plausible it would be, but it would definitely be a little more stable than the current geofencing. Most times geofencing will state that I am away until I open either the dashboard or mobile app on my mobile device then it realizes 'hey man, you're home, I'll go ahead and disarm'. In the meantime I'm making a mad dash to my tablet to disarm the system as I have sirens going off due to a false intrusion detection.

Don't know what phone type you have but I'm using IOS devices as do the wife & kids and this is what works for me.
I'm using the following..

  1. iPhone Wifi Presence Driver
  2. Locative on phones with HE Maker API
  3. Presence Governor
    For me, this solution is rock solid.
    Hope that helps.

You can do this with the below if you have a Unifi setup?


so this iphone presence sensor may be just what I am needing until I can get an updated wifi setup, looking through the documentation, it looks as though people with various android phones are able to utilize it as well, very nice, let's see what happens

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I use this solution on my AsusWRT router. It's the most reliable of any presence option they I have tried. I use @jwetzel1492's Combined Presence app with this and the Hubitat mobile app presence on both Android and iOS devices.

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This is a standard way of improving home/away presence recognition. There are many posts on the subject. Personally I use 3 methods combined using Rule Machine (or you can use one of several apps to do this type of "combined presence"... again search is your friend)...(1) wifi connection, (2) Life360 and (3) the Hubitat app. I've found the combination of these 3 is bullet proof.

unfortunately I've tried the life360 and it does not work for me for some reason, on my mobile i completed my circle, my places etc. Yet on go on to hubitat and install the app and it will not bring up places for me, everything else pulls up but places

Hi. Could you please post a link to each of those items


Hope this helps :+1:

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Thank you! It will definitely help

It looks like Presence Governor is no longer maintained or supported. I can happily report that Combined Presence is both maintained and supported! :smiley: In fact, I've just published a major V2 update.

The best way to install it is by using Hubitat Package Manager: [BETA] Hubitat Package Manager. That will ensure that you get bug fixes and updates in a timely manner.


@jwetzel1942 Thanks mate, you beat me to it. I forgot Presence Governor isn't supported anymore but Combined Presence is, cheers

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If you’re an iOS household, Geofency works great for us. [RELEASE] Geofency Presence

How does that app integrate with HE?

App allows webhooks to be called and can call a HE OAUTH url. I use this + HE presence + Homekir presence via Homebridge (via combined presence app) and haven’t had any issues. Geofency is Can also have overlapping radius entries - so I have one that does AC adjustments, but it’s a much wider radius than the one used to arm the alarm.

Thank you! I think I will need some help setting this up when I am ready :sweat_smile: