Wifi bulb question

Hello. I'm thinking about picking up some Shelly vintage A19 bulbs to play around with. Being Wi-Fi are they as critical to power loss as Z- wave and zigbee? I'm thinking of initially putting then in our guest rooms Just to have random lights on. If I had guests, and they turned them on or off like dumb bulbs would they still work like dumb bulbs? How do they (and Wi-Fi bulbs in general) react in these situations? I'm wondering if this wouldn't be kinda the Goldilocks solution for guest rooms.

Unlike most Zigbee bulbs, WiFi bulbs don't form a mesh (which for Zigbee bulbs can be either good or bad, but that's another story...). So, I can't see anything that would be problematic in that regard (and really even Zigbee is pretty good at self healing in that case, though nothing will help if they were the only viable path back to the hub for specifically device).

That being said, I don't never used these particular bulbs so can't comment on their behavior. But unless they have some weird power-on behavior, it seems like it should be fine to me (even if I'd personally prefer to find a way to avoid turning them "hard off," like a button device).

That is kinda what I was thinking. I don't plan on having many, and we don't have guests all that often. That is what had me thinking about it. I don't want to have to go in and change stuff out every time we have a guest or have to try and explain it. I have thought about cheap tablets and limited dashboards, but have not convinced myself to go that route either. So if they could still turn them on and off like normal, but I could keep them in the automation at other times, they would be close to ideal. Those shelly bulbs are cheap enough I wouldn't be out much if it didn't work out as I hope.

Neither of those are going to be easy for guests. Do you have a Lutron bridge? I would consider Pico remotes on stands in strategic locations like night stands. If that doesn't work, how about the Zooz Zen34 as as a button controller. There isn't a specific stand/holder for these, but you could make one or I understand these work for the Zooz button. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Jasco-Magnetic-Remote-Stand-in-Glossy-White-39943/305537582

No. I have thought about it but never taken the plunge. Most of what I have now are zwave bulbs and plugs and Zigbee motion sensors and a few bulbs. These two rooms have no automation in them at all currently. I didn't think the tablets with dashboards would be a viable option, hence why it's sorta stalled out. I would like to put some randomized lighting in those rooms. They are very prominent from the street, so having random lighting would be a security benefit when we aren't home. As far as guests, maybe a couple of times a year maybe two weeks total.

I had not even thought of button controllers, I'll do some more research into that.

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@lcw731 https://www.amazon.com/Sengled-Vintage-Required-Equivalent-Filament/dp/B08FL9CJDZ

This plus an innovelli red switch and you'll be golden