Wife's iPhone can't open hubs' URLs

My wife's iPhone cannot access dashboard or admin URLs of either of my Hubitat Hubs but I have no problem from my PCs, Android phone and tablets, nor her old iPhone. Is there some strange setting for the iPhone that might be causing a problem? The iPhone can access the URL of my router. As a devout anti-Appleite, I am stumped.

Consider that it’s on LTE, not your LAN, but the others are on your LAN, or perhaps it’s tunneling through a VPN. Check the IP of your wife’s phone.

I bet that's it! I have Wireguard set up on her phone to turn on when she disconnects from our home SSID. We just moved and I created a new SSID but didn't update the conditional for the shortcut on her phone. DAMN! I can't blame Apple!

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