Wife’s phone has 360, but device replaces mine?

Hi. I give up. I’ve looked at other posts.

My device shows both as a 360 presence, and a device - iPhone.

My other half wants the notifications.
She shows as a 360, but not as a device.

So I read the posts I could find, and added her on portal with her own account. No device. Sent geo as suggested in a post, no device. Clicked find hub in settings in app, saw MY device, clicked ‘add new device’ and her phone instantly REPLACES mine in devices??

I go back to my app and do same and I replace her. Both 360’s obvs stay in devices.

What’s going on please,


You need to install the app on her phone and register it with hubitat

She has the app on her phone, logged in as her.

is it registered as a device?

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after you connect to the hub, on the bottom should show "create new device". if you click the existing device, it will overwrite it

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Whichever device I log into, and click create new device, it REPLACES the previous.
This is tedious to say the least to just add a device and user lol.
I'll try new device again. Then she'll get my notifications and I won't lol. (What happened last time)

After continual wading through post after post, I've found that the post I read to create her OWN account is incorrect. So I'll be sure to thank that person when I see them for hours of frustration.

So I've logged in as myself on her phone, had multiple server errors.. then had to log out fully from the app on my own phone to be even logged in, then registered new device, then it appears as 'iphone', so I've gone into devices and renamed her device.. My god. Why is everything on this system a case of having to read through 70 posts per problem to see any hint of code or what you should really do. I'm off now to find out why rooms/groups/bulbs in hue don't report back in under a minute or so, messing up motion alerts <80% level only.