Wife prefers Alexa

I have had the C-7 for a while and was using Alexa to interface through the hub for Zigbee and Z wave bulbs. I added some motion sensors to automate the bulbs within the house and it took away the ability for Alexa to turn off and on lights via Alexa. I was not able to get it working and my wife pulled rank and said just to go back to Alexa. Any thoughts on where I went wrong... with the hub anyway.

It sounds like you may have not installed the Hubitat's Amazon Echo skill to make the bulbs that are connected directly to Hubitat available to Alexa. Automating some bulbs shouldn't take away the ability to control devices with the voice assistant. Automation and voice control should complement each other.


What app are you using to automate the lights with the motion sensor? (There are multiple options.) How is the app configured? (Maybe post a screen shot). You might want to turn on logs with the automation app and see if you can tell where any issues are coming from. As Bobby said, motion automation and Alexa control are able to work on the hub at the same time.

It could if the automations are not taking into account manual control. If you manually turn the light off, then move again the motion sensor may turn it right back on.

If that's the case, there are ways to override motion rules so they can work together.


Ah, yeah, my wife's favorite voice command to both Google and Alexa. "Hey Google disable automation in XYZ room" :joy:


I've found that taking away any ability will result in negative WAF. Perhaps if Alexa was still an option other folks will warm up to the new method.

I should not focus on WAF as if someone changes how I do something and removed the original method I would be pissed. Remember when Hubitat changed their startup screen to the Hub Details. The forum went into a hissy fit.

Thanks for all the feedback. I know some of the bulbs are still connected as I can turn them on with the switch and the software will kicking and turn it back off. My wife loves that one too... LOL I have had the Alexa skill loaded and actually removed it and reloaded to see if that would help. I will have to revisit this and set up the automation to my wife's preference as I set it up where the motion sensor turns on all the lights as I like a nice bright kitchen and my wife prefers a lot less light. I will post any success I have here in a few days as I have not had a chance to look at it for a few days.