Wife getting mad please help. (arrival actions)

lol she has more coding/programming experience than i do(l have basically none), I told her to do it really fast. for the record that was the WRONG answer LOL



Ha, you must be young. Still filling out the book of "Wrong Answers" :joy:


nah we have been married 8 years now, I honestly thought she would want to do it. the biggest issue is our cars NOT programed so if it dont work we have to get on the app to get the door open

i use the presence sensors to auto open the garage doors. but use the garage door opening to disarm the house and unlock teh doors. in this way if you open it for any other reason ie keypad on outside of garage or garage remote it will still disarm the house.

i also use the opening of any door lock via code to disarm the house.

also if using presence sensors try to put a switch/extender either in the garage or even better in an outdoor outlet.. i have found that makes the sensor pick up the arrival much fastr.

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Tangential, anecdotal story...

One day the wife got mad at me and unplugged some of my stuff. I unhooked the battery cables on her car.

We agreed that both actions were unwarranted. :wink:

(mine was more fun, as it erased all her radio presets... muhahaha)


The Event Engine app supports garage doors open/close, and presence conditions (triggers).


Garage Doors Open/Close:

Event Engine:

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we use life360 right now and the app, but life 360 works really good so far

never tried the physical sensors

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I took a different route. I made a sensor (ultrasonic) to sense if the car was in the garage.
Then when I open the garage door with the normal remote, if a car is in the garage nothing happens,
If there is no car in the garage and the door opens (and its dark) several lights go on.

I'm not comfortable enough to automate my garage door opening.

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i have been doing it for 2+ years on smart things, I have 2 sensors on it, one is with the go control and i also have a sperat tilt sensor to use as confirmation/ piece of mind

Same for me, and even more so about automating closing. Even though it beeps loudly before closing, I just would not want to take any chances with us or neighbors, etc. But to each his own. :slight_smile:

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I'm comfortable, I just don't see a point in it. It takes about 1s to hit the button as I drive up and costs me nothing.

I do have tilt (open/close) sensors on it to alert me if it is left open though.


we dont have the car programed, why? because if the GD unit has 0 codes in it, a code scanner will not open the door LOL

Ok. Hey, each to their own.

[quote="JasonJoel, post:16, topic:61769"]
I'm comfortable, I just don't see a point in it. It takes about 1s to hit the button[/quote]

You could say the same about all the wall switches, lol.

Not really... I have to get up, walk over to the light switch. In my car the garage door opener button is always within arm's reach.

If all my light switches were always in arms reach, I wouldn't automate them either. :slight_smile:

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Like we're going to believe that... :wink: :crazy_face:


OK, you called my bluff. lol


Thank installed and working great