Widom devices integration

Hi, I am evaluating the possibility to migrate my Fibaro Home Center 2 zwave system to Hubitat.
My only concern is that I have a number of zwave devices that seem not to be officially supported.
Any experience on following devices from Widom?

Smart Double Switch Line Controlled Europe Version
Smart TE Dimmer Europe Version
Smart dry contact switch
Energy Driven Switch version C

Remaining devices are from Fibaro and seem to be supported,
Thank you in advance for any feedback


It looks like those devices may be Zwave (as opposed to ZWave+). If that assumption is true, then the devices should be able to pair correctly with HE, but keeping the statuses (on/off, etc.) in sync may require that you use the polling app (or some other mechanism) to periodically check them. Not a huge deal, but does add some overhead.

The only other constraint I can think of is that, depending on how strong your zwave mesh is, you may need to add a few repeaters to get them a stronger signal.

Thank you for your answer. The devices should be Zwave plus as per user manual description. Could this be a problem?

" This device is a security enabled Z-Wave Plus product that is able to use encrypted Z-Wave Plus messages to communicate to other security enabled Z-Wave Plus products.
This device must be used in conjunction with a Security Enabled Z-Wave Controller in order to fully utilize all implemented functions "
I do not know how zwave signal strength of Hubitat is compared to Home Center 2. With Fibaro Hub I do not have any connection issue

ZWave Plus is the preferred version, and will generally be less problematic than the older Zwave stack. Not sure how the signal strength compares, but some people have noted that it may be weaker than other options and have gone as far as to add external antennae. Building the mesh from the hub center out (repeating devices first - generally mains powered) will give you the best results.