Widget\Homescreen shortcuts

I am really close to being completely off of Smartthings, but one thing I cannot figure out is how to get some shortcuts on my phone homes screens to execute some common tasks.

With Smartthings I have routines setup for various things with a widget on the homescreen which has a scrollable window for all the routines I can execute manually.

I know a shortcut to my dashboard on my home screen should replace this functionality mostly, but continuing to use Smartthings through the "Other Hub" integration is still faster to execute those routines than my dashboards are.

Does anyone have any advice for how I can quickly execute some rules or tasks manually, ideally from the homescreen on my Android devices?

I use an Android app called 'AutomateIt' on my phone. This app allows you to configure a rule (AutomateIt rule) to send a command to the HE Maker app. Then AutomateIt has widgets to put on your phone screen. Thus 1 button push to execute just about anything.

Do you know where I can find more info help get started on this approach? I cant seem to figure it out.

In the maker api app in HE you get the URL to control a device . In the Automateit app you create a rule with a manual trigger. Then an action to open url action and paste in the URL you copied from Maker API. Be sure and select run in background or it will open your web browser. Then you can add a widget to run that rule. Create a rule/ widget for everything you want to do.

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Hey j715
Thanks for the information, i'm also interested in doing this. I think I am half way there. I seem to have most the actions laid out in the Automateit app I am just a little bit lost with how the get the urls that I want. Where do they come from?

If I want to run a simple action like a scene that is already an icon for on my hubitat dashboard, how do I get the url for that? Or do I need to go thought another process or program?

New owner here. Here's some more info if anyone was baffled like Ash_P was...


I used google keep to copy over the urls to my phone.
here's a test url i made and it seems to work

http://local ip of my hub/apps/api/86/devices/19/on?access_token=random token i censored

This turns on my alcove light

Just grant access to the device like they said in the instructions. I toggled each device access separately just to make it easier to read the id.