Wi-Fi Enabled High Power Load Switch

I'm having a gutter ice prevention system (Gutterglove) installation expanded this year. I had the first section installed a few years ago and used a combination of a contactor switch and a Z-Wave switch to control it remotely. The expansion will need a second breaker and switch. They now recommend a wi-fi enabled high load switch for the expansion. Anyone have any experience with this and if/how I could use it with Hubitat? My main goal is to turn it on/off via using Hubitat and local weather conditions.


No first-hand experience...but it appears to work with Amazon Alexa...so you could use Hubitat to trigger a pair of Alexa Routines that turns the WiFi Load Switch On or Off. Not as reliable as a local integration, but might get you by for a while, if need be.

Jasco has a direct wire 40A ZWave switch, but it is more expensive.

What is at actual load specification of the heat strips? 40A seems like overkill to me, but the important thing is what the actual load is.




You can use any Hubitat-controlled switch along with a high-current relay/contactor that has a 120V coil.

Something like this:

You can put it all into an enclosure - something like this:

Thanks for the ideas! They already used the contactor connected to a Z-Wave switch combo for the first section. After talking to the installer this morning he's willing to stick with that combo again for the second section. They just weren't too familiar with Z-Wave and had gotten used to the wi-fi option for remote connectivity.


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