Why would you return to SmartThings?


I didn't quote you in my original post. If I had it would be


I of course quoted your direct responses to me here. In the initial post, I perhaps recalled very accurately what you wrote, becuase even though you accused me of not reading your posts, I had, but quoting you directly wasn't intentional. I can find other posts from other unhappy users that say almost the same thing if I really had reason to spend the time do so. I apologize if you are offended, but you are reading into this what just isn't there.

Exactly why I started my post with


With respect this is your personal opinion.
You don't know what he has gone through with support. It could have been all roses but it might be that there was some thorns as well.
Simply put you don't know and are making assumptions. If he felt the need to share is reasoning and testing HE might have is reasons and we can only accept it.

I personally prefer people that share to those that want to keep things under the radar.

We cannot forget as well that support was very dismissive at the beginning to even consider a problem with the stack.
It took them quite a well to accept that possibility. I understand that was probably the most unlikely scenario but it was apparently the case.

Hubitat has here a lessons learn to consider.


And so are you making assumptions, and so is he, and so are a lot of us.

I know this is personal opinion. I stated that. First words in my post.


In my case I do assumptions but as I said above my assumptions is that I don't know what reasons he had to publicly share.
It can be either A or B. That is my assumption. Only HE and Hubitat know what's going on. It's not upon me to say how he should have conducted his test or if should have or not share his findings.
I'm happy he did.


Ditto...... the only reason why I still use SmartThings. HE is way behind in that feature and it's not from the lack of popularity from HE users.


this can be done with echospeaks now


That's on my list to try. Can I also play mp3 files for alerts though the Echo?


sadly not, Amazon has not provided an easy(any?) way to do this. you can however play any number of sound effects available through amazon music, spotify, apple music as well i believe


This is one thing that is too slow with Chromecast disconnects and the doorbell I recently setup. At the moment I just have Alexa saying "Someone is at the door". I'm probably going to have to go back to a dedicated speaker unless someone can suggest something else for this.


For me the device that still responds the fastest for tts announcements is good ol VLCthing. It is snappy...


Ok guys, this is starting to look like the other forum I used to be on. Take a deep breath and drink something cold.


Yep. I'm using VLCThing with my Google Mini, but then I get that delay, reconnect sound and finally my tone once the five minute timeout has occurred. So, adding a speaker back to VLCThing directly is indeed what I'm think I'll need to do.


Can you Bluetooth connect to a mini?


I think you can. Good idea. I’ll try that tonight


Wasn't my intention. I'm sure there are lots of reasons one could give for leaving HE. Really personally frustrated with the SmartThings cloud and how unreliable I find it, versus the other platforms I have experienced, and high level of reliability from HE. Wanted to express my opinion and bemusement with threats and claims of leaving HE for the more reliable and stable SmartThings as some suggest.


I understand. I was just flipping the question a few degrees. Not trying to mess up your thread.


LOL. Not to worry. I'm as guilty as anyone for that. I'm not opposed to a thread turning any direction except uncivil.


While I agreed with almost all of what was stated in your OP, I have to say that I really appreciated the time and detail @srwhite took to document his journey (ALL of it). While I may not have used his exact approach, he did look at the issue from multiple angles and I never felt he was trying simply to prove his issues were the fault of the Hub itself. I'm sure he had his suspicions but didn't seem to let it influence his methodologies.

There have been many others before who came in with the intent to prove the hub was at fault and refused to do basic troubleshooting, or wanted the HE team to troubleshoot their faulty code (the self entitled crew as I call them). Speak loudly but say nothing types. Thankfully most have moved on and their goodbye posts brought me joy.

@srwhite definitely did not fall into this category and I hope his continued testing yields something that will help harden the HE hub. I love my hub but let's face it, it's a bit brittle. We need knowledgeable and more importantly PATIENT folks who are willing to professionally post their finding and work with the HE engineers to improve our overall experience.

@SmartHomePrimer , Thanks for your thought provoking post. @srwhite thanks for your willingness to document and share your finding and continued testing. I think it was a benefit to the community.


I'm still here, buuahahahaha


:roll_eyes:...I know.