Why would you return to SmartThings?


I have found HSM to have strange behavior (i.e alerts wouldn’t disarm) but it has become a lot better now. But still a few bugs - if my water sensor goes off. It will get an alert that says Moisture at Entry Way Motion Sensor instead of where the leak occurs.

August is supported on ST for a while...even have ST logo on my August Box.

What I am saying is that Homebridge & WebCore function are a lot more reliable on ST compared to Hubitat. I would love to use RM for everything but they are some features that aren’t supported (I.e keypads).


The only thing I would say is as an original ST kickstarter backer - their hub really didn't stabilize until V2. I understood that there were going to be issues and dealt with them like I do with HE. I saw so much potential.

As the product matured and Samsung took over the cloud stuff really started to become a pain. I realized that local control was the way to go - something that was not really the focus for that platform. Good support was also harder to get but the community was/is still excellent. I'm not sure what direction Samsung is taking ST but it seems like they are trying to grab control back from the users/developers.


Honestly the app code really isn't that complicated. I troubleshoot mine with debug logging all the time. The tools aren't the best but its doable. I don't need to see the cpu resources on the hub, I could see from the debug logging that a loop is running way too frequently which could contribute to it. I could look at timing to see if something takes too long and start playing around. Sync vers Async http have fixed issues for me in the past. I may see an app that is 7000 lines of code, but when I break it down it actually doesn't seem that big.

If there was a specific command that I was caught up on, i reach out to support for help. Either they acknowledge its a bug in that command or they tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Once you understand the app structure, it really is easy to break them down. I still get hung up though on things like the ecobee app where it uses oauth to communicate via the cloud. I struggle to understand the concepts sometimes so I've avoided those for now until one day when I feel like jumping in.

Drivers are even more simple once you understand how they interact with zigbee/zwave or wifi.

In the end support will work better with you if you say "hey I have these 5 lines of code that seem to give a problem" instead of "hey I have this 7000 line app that causes issues". The app dev would be best to do this.


Your situation was definitely special. I was watching the whole time. Same devices, same locations but different results on multiple hubs would definitely make me think its the hub. The only other difference in environment I could think of is the zigbee channel. Not sure how ST handles that but I don't think it was configurable on ST. After that its gotta be the hub, but the support guys would know much better than me.

That thread did make for some interesting reading though.


“Throwable is Null” would make a great T-shirt saying.



I am curious as to which http calling method, synchronous versus asynchronous, you have found to be more reliable/less impactful on the Hubitat platform? I have been wondering about this exact same thing as I have noticed that often a LAN connected device/app seems to be blamed for hub sluggishness/lockups. For example, InfluxDB and Homebridge are sometimes considered 'problem apps'.

I would like to optimize some of the custom drivers and apps I use to see if I can make them conform to some best practices for optimal hub performance.




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Not a Developer so not my realm.
If you say so.


There are certainly a lot of passionate viewpoints expressed here. But I just want to clear up one thing...

I did not buy Hubitat just to come here and discredit the platform. Quite the opposite actually...

Since I got started on Hubitat in Mid-December, I have literally spent over a thousand US dollars working to get my system working. I've replaced the rest of our Lightify equipment with Hue to rule out those being bad repeaters. I bought a $200 Schlage BE469 just to have one on my bench to test the pairing and drivers on. I have also acquired three XBees, fourteen SmartThings plugs, four SmartThings motion and one ST contact sensor, all to test their performance relative to the difficulty I was having with the Iris/ST Centralite devices I brought over from SmartThings.

If I truly was not committed to Hubitat, I would have returned the hub moved back to SmartThings a month ago, and saved a TON of time, money and stress (WAF) by doing do.


I refuse to swear allegiance, loyalty or commitment to any home automation system. On this, I swear and stand.


You have indeed and as others have said your situation has been very intriguing if not a little disheartening. I hope things work out for you. Thank you for all your time with this.. it can only help make HE better I think.


Exactly my point. We all have our own priority.


I have no idea why you're taking this opinion of mine, posted in Lounge as a personal attack on you. Your "I'm leaving..." post certainly wasn't the first, and probably won't be the last. It was inspiration for my opinion post, but I'm writing about what I've observed here since buying my hub a year ago. I'm here a lot. I like to exchange ideas, learn new things and share my opinion. I've got five years in Home Automation too. What does that have to do with this?

I've no idea what you're on about. Yes, I have professional QA experience. So what? When there's a problem and you're trying to find the cause, why would you jump to Quality Assurance testing?

Nothing but assumptions. I read every single post you wrote and was confused why you continued to post, problems with the hub that was suspected to be bad. What kind of help is that?

And the fact that many users with an equal or greater number of devices don't have any of these issues? Doesn't add up.

Disparaging remarks. That's how you get your point across? Quite obviously I can't know every scenario out there, but everyone with a problem speaks up here. So, I do see them. I'm not blind to the problems or the known solutions. I suggested that information is missing when basic functionality cannot be achieved by only one person at a time is. It is experience that comes from many years of technical support.

Sorry but if you really wanted to help Hubitat, wouldn't you think it's best to discuss these things in a private message, not post failure after failure, and even when one of the staff suggests you stop the tests (hint, stop with the negative posts) until you received the replacement unit, you keep on doing it. How does that help to company? New users on here that are already nervous about the change, or prospective users trying to decide if Hubitat is right for them, and before you have all the facts about what the issue is, you decide to post that things keep failing over and over with the same hub. That's just not an approach that is going to help and I'd find it difficult to see how you cannot recognize that yourself.


Yes, your fault! You have so many devices!

I'm just kidding, but I'm glad that you found a solution in the zigbee stack. Good luck.


Sorry but I disagree in this one, I learned from @srwhite comments, and I prefer to see the real stuff here than a fake beautiful community where all is perfect.

Not personal, just an opinion.


I think @srwhite has done a great service in working with support on the issues, and spending A LOT of time trying to help support get to the bottom of this. No need to attack the methodology or something that was said in frustration on a forum.

I hope the work done on this system helps lead support to improving the situation for everyone else.


Hang on.

Here I'm completely in disagreement with you. Why he should be worried about the company bottom line? He is a customer not a shareholder. As far I know he has no shares in the company.


Let's see... You quoted me, despite stating "I'm not directly quoting anyone" which we all know was an attempt at misdirection. You then accused me of "wrong doing" and being untruthful "something that isn't being presented or disclosed". By my definition, that is a personal attack.

I'm not going to respond any further to you on this... I stand by my testing, methodologies, and data collected. If don't agree with that, or my choice to be transparent with the community, that's certainly your opinion. I'm not going to try to change that.


Well myself personally I'm thankful to you as your testing confirmed other users suspicious that there was something wrong with the stack.


Absolutely. Right up to the point that they say they're sending a new hub. That's when you stop and you wait for the new hub before doing any further testing. Or, how about you privately disclose the issue and then talk about it when it's fixed. I've done that, and I've seen others do the same.

If you get ignored and you're frustrated, it's a little easier to understand why you would keep posting publicly, but that isn't how they operate here. I'm not singling out @srwhite, much as he thinks I am. I've seen this behavior over and over on many forums over the years. In home automation and other subjects.