Why would you return to SmartThings?

Well, as I learned do allow the Aeon HEM's to pair securely.

We also know that older Schlage firmware can be sketch, specially on the BE468/469 series deadbolts.

How far away is the nearest powered Z-Wave repeater, and what is it? Some devices don't support Z-Wave beaming which these locks require.

There are several Aeotec Nano Dimmers and also Aeotec Multisensor 6's (USB powered) within 5 feet. As well as a couple of Z-wave plus outlets.

The multi sensors do not support beaming, even on USB power. However, the Nano's do, and it's likely your outlets do. How far is the nearest outlet (and what kind is it) or Nano?

Yup, thanks - just looked this up. There are three Nano dimmers all within 2 feet, and with strong repeated coverage to the hub upstairs. So, theoretically, it should be fine. I should note it's also intermittent, which, based on previous experience when HE had serious Z-wave reliability issues, points to something in the software stack, not necessarily the hardware.. though, as an engineer, I never rule anything out. :slight_smile:

Ok, yes, HEM with secure pair is a secured hub death..

I'm begging for a better driver for the HEM G5, like your driver for Iris plugs, I can't fund the $1000 of the zigbee kit but I can donate for a driver for sure :wink:

What specifically do you want in that driver? I’ve already been hacking apart one of the drivers already out there to make it work for me.

Exactly what I'm doing - I've been in this game for a while, and I had MANY plain zwave devices.
I'm in the process of switching them out (specifically the switches) for zwave plus. (Almost done!)
YES, I switched my locks also - what a difference!
The batteries that I went through - I can't tell you how many I would go through in a year!
Battery life is great with zwave plus.
(as an added bonus, the Kwikset zwave plus lock has the batteries MUCH more insulated. In the extreme cold climate that I live in, this is a major factor to battery life).
I have the Kwikset 98880-006 SmartCode 888.

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I used this in ST(I suppose you too):

I miss the way I can choose what I need and when I need to reduce data in the network. I had 3 reports activated, report 1 was total watts, report 2 was watts clamp 1, report 3 was watts clamp 2. I don't remember the timing but the lowest was 6 seconds but I believe I went to 10 secs. I did not activate any other like voltage, amps or kwh.


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I've been pining for a better Aeon Outlet driver to include wattage. This was my SmartThings driver. It's not happy here.

Yes, same !
But I picked up a couple of DSC24-ZWUS which were gong cheap and figured that because they are NOT labelled as "SmartSwitch Gen5", I was only able to get Kw/h out of them.

I would love for them to be able to send more data via a good driver.

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To answer the subject line question, I don't think I would choose to go back to Smart Things.

I have all 3 generations of the ST hub, the V2 and V3 are currently present on my network, and are managing the Majority of my Zwave devices at the moment, mostly because I'm taking things slowly, moving a device to HE and writing the RM Or Simple Lighting rules for it, and then relaxing, drinking some Whiskey and then moving on to the next.

I bought the HE because of local control, and I'm quite willing to put up with a few growing pains and difficulties to disconnect myself from the Samsung experience.

Don't get me wrong, with my minimalist sort of setup, ST worked fine,and I wasn't hugely dependent on the cloud, my automations generally worked during internet outages, and everything came back up after power outages.

What killed me on ST was the transition from Smart Things to a Samsung account, the ridiculous classic vs new app, and the inability of the rules engine to handle multiple conditions (or my inability to make it do so anyway). Oh, and transitioning from my V2 to V3 hub was such a nightmare, I shudder to even think about it!

I also don't like the confusing ST developer interface, and much prefer how HE is organized with code (app) and device driver sharing.

The ST app is a nice convenience, but I think (hope) the Dashboards will mature into something much better.

As long as HE continues to work (and improve), and most importantly doesn't require the cloud (other peoples computers) to do my home automation, I'm probably likely to stay. If it starts to fail dramatically, I'll probaby move towards HomeSeer.



Mind sharing what these devices are?


The short answer is no. I just asked, as I didn't see any similar questions using search, and Mike replied no.

Yes I saw that a couple of minutes ago. Well, I just wanted a better radio with better coverage, I will try to get 2 antennas, one tuned for z wave and the other for zigbee, and see if I can modify the Nortek stick eliminating the diplexer and shared antenna.


From the looks of the internals of the new C-5 Hubitat Hub, modding it to use external antennas seems much easier than trying to hack up the Nortek stick. Of course, the C-5 hub's 2 antennas should hopefully be better than the Nortek stick's. Unfortunately, migrating from C-3/C-4 to a C-5 to use the new radios will require re-pairing all of one's devices. At least the database backup can be restored to save one from having to recreate everything from scratch. Hopefully, one day, the team at Hubitat will crack the _full backup and restore holy grai_l that so many of us have wanted for so long.

Hey, I can dream, right? :wink:


We can dream, sure!, but I have 3 C-4 with Nortek sticks and one additional Nortek stick, so doing a mod for the antennas looks like a good option to improve the radios :wink: (or to have 3 sticks instead 4 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

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Don't forget you still have to add all the devices back to all of your rules/automatons too.

Oh man that sucks! I would buy a C-5 if this was easy to do.

Aeotec has a backup utility for their Gen5 z-stick, so it is possible. Would be great if the HE team could make it so we could backup our Sticks too.