Why two logs for the same rule?

I have a Rule called Front Closet light.

This morning while testing it, the delay, cancel... I enabled all logging.

I ended up with 2 logs, different IDs, cover the same time period, not sure why


One log is for the rule (app:1922) and the other one is for the device the rule controlled (dev:1)

Your device has the same name as the rule and that might have confused you looking at the logs

Got it, I see that now, TY


In case you find it helpful, I'll share a convention I use: all of my app labels (names assigned by the user for installed instances) contain the name of the app of which they are an instance (or an abbreviation to remind me). Examples:

  • "Rule - Announce Lock Code" (this is a Rule 4.0 child)
  • "Btn Controller - Living Room ST Btn"
  • "Motion Lighting - Hallway"
  • "Switch Bindings - Fan Real/Virtual Proxy"
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