Why no official support for Shelly Pro?

Is there a technical reason we haven't got official support for the Shelly Pro relay series? And by that I mean the Shelly 4PM Pro (though the 3, 2 and 1 would also be great)

I know we have official support for the non-pro Shelly modules and there is a user made driver for the pro modules - but as official Homekit support is on the way, i'm more interested in official support now so we can get it into Homekit as well.

The pro modules aren't really any more expensive than the standard ones, I picked up a Pro 4PM for £80 this week - as it's got 4x 16amp outputs that's one of the cheapest relays on the market!

I feel like it's a natural buddy for Hubitat as the pro series has LAN connection so you can effectively have Hubitat and the relay hardwired together for fault free instant response with no worries about wireless protocols.

This won't matter, as the limitation is that LAN devices are not supported, whether built-in or custom. But as for your actual question, I don't know, but with cases like this, it's often because they don't have a sample from the vendor (or an end user or themselves).


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