Why no migration path to C8 from C5 with C4 USB radio?

I really want to upgrade to a C8, but I don't want to manually migrate all ~200 of my devices from my C5 (with C4 USB radio) to the C8. There is a migration tool to go from the C5 with internal radio, but why does it not also accommodate for the existence of a C4 USB radio? I can't be the only one in this situation and it would be a game changer if it supported this migration path.

You're talking about the Nortek (White/Grey) USB stick, right?

Nortek disallows the reading of the ZWave data. This is the reason, in my opinion, why Backups on the C-3 haven't included any Radio data. The Backups split with the C-5 with local backup meaning: "DB Backup" while the (new at the time) Cloud Backup could include the Radio data. I've always assumed that there's a License restriction on the exposing of the Z-radio internals, because that's what Nortek made me think. :smiley:

The C-5, with it's US ZWave internal radio would ship with a Nortek USB stick to some geographies but with a completely different (black) one for a small subset of regions. That "black" USB stick WAS able to be read and Hubitat would allow a cloud backup with ZRadio for that specific case.


I have the white/gray stick with the hubitat logo on it, that came with my C4. I plugged it into my C5 when i migrated to it due to performance problems on my C4. It made for a really simple migration, since I didn't have to re-pair anything. It looks like I'm going to pay the price this time around.

On the upside your zigbee stuff will just move over,.

But I have probably 70 z-wave devices I have to manually move. What happens in the mean time? It seems like my zigbee devices will go nuts, because I'll have two identical zigbee hubs online while I move the other devices. Maybe I will have to manually exclude/include the z-wave devices with the old hub offline.

Once you migrate zigbee, reset the zigbee radio on the old hub.

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Ah, ok. Thanks.

Is there a way to filter my device list in a way that will only show z-wave devices? I'd like to make a checklist of devices I'll need to visit. Some of them have been online so long I don't remember if they are z-wave or zigbee.

Go to Settings > Zwave details. It lists all the zwave device and you can click the name to open it up.

ALso, if you do a migration backup / restore all your zwave "device" entries will carry over just not the node info on the zwave chip itself. You will probably have to edit every single DNI and add an X_ in front or something so it doesnt clash with new pairings. As you pair devices you can use Swap Apps to move all the automations to new device entry, then remove the old one. Its going to be a tedious process but you should be able to keep from having to rebuild all your automations at least.


Thank you. That sounds like good advice.

Actually, now that I think about it.. will the zigbee stuff migrate? The external Nortec stick is both zigbee and z-wave on the C4, right?

No, the zigbee won't migrate either though if you restore the db from the c4, and then while the c4 is running (make sure zigbee on the c8 is different) when you remove a zigbee device, start inclusion on the c8. It should slot in to it's old spot. See in most cases when you remove a zigbee device from hubitat, it should throw the device into pairing mode. When I did a c7 to c7 migration it did this with almost 70 devices. I only had to factory reset 4 of them...

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That would be fantastic if it worked that way for me. Were the 4 devices you had to reset of a specific device type? Any correlation?

Am I correct in assuming I should enable migration for zigbee and z-wave devices even though they don't work, so it creates the device names? Or will those come over anyway? I've tried to look for more technical information about how each part of the migration works, but all I have found is high-level guides.

download your latest backup to your local pc. When you bring up the c8 chose that one to restore with.

Not sure. 2 were NYCE motion/temp/humidity sensors, 2 were ST all in one sensors. I was really happy. 36 alone that went into pairing mode were window sensors... Would have been annoyed having to reset those.

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