Why no Arlo support still?

Simple question. As popular as Arlo cameras are, why is there still no support for them? I see tons of one off devices being added with every firmware update and never support for Arlo. It’s killing me. I dont want to hear other alternative convoluted ways to make it work. I would love to see direct integration. This is getting very old.

Is there a published local API ?

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From what I’ve seen here and on the Arlo forum, Arlo doesn’t seem to be interested in allowing 3rd parties to automate the cameras. With them requiring 2FA at the end of the month, most of the backdoor options will be closing too.

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Nothing published, but some reverse engineering has been done to create Python and some Node-Red apps, but with 2FA looming and Arlo being cloud based...

Arlo supports homekit... So there's always that route.

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Yep, It’s Arlo who are not allowing greater integration NOT 3rd party developers or platforms etc.

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That’s not true. Arlo is natively supported by SmartThings so obviously it’s possible.

Yeah it’s possible !
BUT It’s Arlo who are not allowing greater integration.

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Yeah, I'm missing the Stringify Arlo integration which was top notch. Now I'm using Node-RED but that will stop working when 2Fa gets enforced unless the author of that node updates it (which I think is unlikely). So I'll be reverting back to IFTTT. It's a pain but works. It'd a shame that native camera support is non-existant on this platform.

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Integrating to smartthings and using hub connect to get them into HE works. They have done some 3rd party integrations, but have not published an API.

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Arlo supports IFTTT, HomeKit, and SmartThings... Realistically that covers probably 95%+ of the home automation market.

Yes, I would like them to offer an API so others could integrate as well. But it isn't like they have ignored 3rd party - they've just been selective about it.

I think you will continue to see devices only support HomeKit for local access. Personally, that is where I think Hubitat needs a solution - HomeKit support.

(EDIT: There is the user provided homebridge support for Hubitat)


Smartthings has several integrations that presumably required an agreement directly with a third party in order to make the integration a reality.

Logitech Harmony, for example. Logitech hasn’t accepted new integrations for a couple years now.

Lutron Caseta is another one. The ST integration is cloud-based. However HE’s Lutron integration is better than ST’s, because it’s 100% local. But that’s because Lutron has a published API that works over Telnet.

If the manufacturer of a cloud-based camera system doesn’t have a published API, or isn’t open to working directly with new partners, or even if they are but working with them would be a real PITA, it’s hardly fair to put the onus on the hubitat team.


And Wink

Now we're up to 95.001%



Are you looking at the numbers from before they started requiring subscriptions? :thinking:

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Untrue, Arlo is currently working with the 3rd party developer of Tinycam pro so it can be done. He contacted them and they worked with him to get native Arlo support in his app. So if the HE staff wanted intergration they could reach out to Netgear, The developer of Tinycam pro did it. Not saying it would be easy but a phon call or email takes all of a minute. And if I’m correct the hubconnect intergration will be ending on the 12th of this month when Smartthings IDE shuts down or am I mistaken about that They said all intergration of that nature would end then correct?

From what I can tell you can't arm/disarm the cameras from tinycam though.

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Correct, I just don’t need arm and disarm I know some do need that but I just use the motion detection function in Tinycam pro and the web hook function in the app to stop and start any notifications to my phones and iPads. My arlo’s are outside so I want them capturing suspicious activity wether I’m home or not. But I can understand others wanting there privacy if they have the cams in the house but outside I want my cams on 24-7 patrolling.

Not sure where you are getting your info, but there is no announced date to shutdown the ST ide (indications are it will happen sometime next year). They are only retiring the classic mobile app.

When I contacted smartthings support about this very issue, the response I received from them was that they were moving away from user driver's and apps and that they would be shutting down that access when the classic app was ■■■■ down I'm only going by what smartthings support informed me of.

ST IDE won't shutdown until phase 3. Phase 1 is the classic app shutdown.