Why mode is not changing?

Your "Set mode based on days of week" settings all conflict with one another. I'm guessing it's just using the last one you set, which is Night mode. If you just want time-based mode settings--with various modes throughout the day but possibly at different times depending on the day--then your "Set mode based n time of day" settings are enough. I would also eliminate most of your "Set mode based on presence" settings, where you have similar conflicts--but do leave "Select presence sensors for away mode" checked, along with "Use time settings for return from away." Hubitat will do the rest of the magic for you after that (going to Day, Evening, or Night as you have configured when returning from away according to your time settings, i.e., what would have otherwise have already happened were you not away).

You may wish to check out the Mode Manager docs here for more information: Mode Manager - Hubitat Documentation. Otherwise, I think the above should help. Good luck!

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