Why LOCATION event log recording all changes to a hub var?

every time the temp changes I get a log entry - which is cluttering up the logs for no reason that I can see,

Look at my C4 location log:

This is expected behavior. Hub variables are not devices and do not generate events in the traditional manner (i.e., as a device event). However, because apps--not just Rule Machine--can now use hub variables, there needed to be a way to communicate changes in value to such apps. This was the method chosen for that. It keeps hub variables a bit "lighter" than a "full" device while still allowing this usage by apps and without the user needing to make a variable connector (still an option, though the ability to create them will probably eventually go away as direct variable use becomes more widespread; connectors are devices).

If you are looking for something in particular in "Location" events--or really any of these pages-- you can use the search/filter box in the upper right to try to find it more easily. Also note that this is not traditionally what people would call "Logs," which are the "Current" or "Past" (current or past logs) tabs on this page--though they have now all been consolidated under the "Logs" page itself, so perhaps that usage will change. Just wanted to point that out in case someone asked you to look for "logs" and you ended up here instead.


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