Why is this hard for my brain

ugh I apperanet suck at this. lol

Thank you for month ago on the adive i got my kitchen lights working how i wanted.

a button press turns on the "big light" and it turn off with motion. and a double button press sets a 30minute delay

now I thought i could add a simple thing so that the double press would set the temp and light level (casue that is basically cooking and you need the light)

i made a scene for this and added it to my rule but now the lights are not turning off after motion stops anymore.

i cannot find a way to deactivate the scene? why cant i do this simple function ?

Sounds like you had a screenshot that didn't come through?

In any case, to "deactivate" a scene, you have a couple options. I'd generally prefer to leave the scene out of the picture and just directly turn off the light(s) or group that the scene otherwise controls; that way, you have a clear idea of what is happening. But you can also run the "Off" command on the scene activator device, and there is an option in the Scene app for what this does. By default, it will turn off all devices in the scene:

I don't believe the activator device I was talking about above is created by default, either, by the way; the option for that is right next to the above. This device will work exactly like a switch device does and should be usable in a variety of apps. But, again, you don't really need it; I think it's more straightforward to just turn off whatever lights/groups/etc. you want directly.


We've all been there.
Asking for help is the right thing to do.
Unfortunately, I don't know how to do this either.
I'm sure this will get figured out by the end of the day!

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