Why is the Chromecast integration still in beta?

Looks like this has been around in this state for a while. Is development not happening any more?

We poke at it from time to time, honestly we haven't made the type of progress with it that we would have hoped.
In the end we have quite a number of initiatives to balance.


Admit if you love Alexa and Sonos more than Google it's like the third child

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Shouldn't that be middle child syndrome?


I agree, we have been waiting for a long time now. I think Alexa is used more in the US and as we already know, HE is more focused on the US market....

Can someone point me to an explanation of what the Chromecast integration app actually does? I'm hoping I can attach it to a virtual button to get Google to activate WiFi devices that are not compatible with Hubitat. I mainly use voice commands (Google devices) but was wondering if a virtual button associated with the Chromecast integration app would allow me to set off a virtual voice command that would function like an actual voice command?