Why is my new hub registered to someone else?

I just received my new hubitat hub.

There is no quick start guide in it, and I only know it's missing because of a video I watched on hubitat.com.

Also, I've created a hubitat.com account, but is the hub's settings page, I cannot change the default account on my new hub (xxx@gmail.com with Admin role) changed to my hubitat.com account. Is that "xxx@gmail.com" a default hubitat email account?


It sounds like Amazon sent you a return, instead of a new hub -- something they've been known to do sometimes. Contact us at orders@hubitat.com, and we will send you a new one.


Thank you! I ordered this one directly from hubitat. I will email orders@hubitat.com now.

Yes, but our US fulfillment is done for us by Amazon -- they ship the product. They have been known to put a returned unit back on the shelf as if new.


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