Why is my mode set to away?

Hi, I am trying to troubleshoot my mode manager status. I see that it is currently set to away, even though I am at home. My presence sensors are two phones(mine and my wife's). I can see that both phone devices are showing status as "present", but LOCATION_MODE_CHANGE seems to be at "away". Please see the attached pictures. What might I have configured incorrectly? The phones are set to always allow location permission.

Has this worked in the past, or is this a new automation?

I am trying to setup Mode for the first time, so this is a new attempt.

Here is my setup. Maybe it will give you a clue. I think you need to have the mode based on presence to set the mode at the correct times.

Perhaps you can find a few pointers in the official documentation for Mode Manager to get this up and running.


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Did you change some of the settings in this app at some point? I have seen people add or remove a setting, and things didn't work correctly after that.

The solution was to delete the app, reinstall it, and go back in and set the settings.

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