Why integrate my doorbell?

I have yet to integrate my Nest Hello doorbell into HE, primarily because I haven't thought of a cool enough use case for it. I already get notifications on my phone about who is at the door (including the name of the person), and announcements over Sonos speakers. All that is set up via Google. But are there other cool use cases that I haven't thought of? What does your smart home do when someone rings your smart doorbell, besides notify you of the ring event?

Turns on the front porch light if it is dark outside. Makes the dog bark if we aren't at home (spoiler alert: we don't have a dog).


That's all I use it for. A phone notification and Google speaks. I have a motion sensor that turns on the porch light.

Though this gave me an idea though - I'm going to have the foyer lights turn on whenever the doorbell rings. A few weeks ago someone rang our doorbell at 1:30am and nobody was there when we looked. Kinda creepy.

When I had a Ring doorbell, it would trigger turning on the front door overhead light. Unfortunately, when that light turned off 5 minutes later, that would trigger the Ring Doorbell and the light would come back on. I had to disable the rule for 6 minutes after initially triggered.


Like the others my doorbell turns on the porch light. I also have it turn on a colored light in my computer room, because I'm often in there gaming with a headset on, so I can't hear anything.

And one of the main reasons I got a smart doorbell was because kids kept ringing my door at like 6AM and running off. So now, If my white noise machine is on (I'm sleeping) the doorbell won't ring.

Is there a way to integrate my Ring Video Doorbell Pro (hardwired) into my HE? I have no other Ring products, and don't use Alexa.

Unoffical ring integration installed from Hubitat Package Manager

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I used Tasker app on an Android device as an intermediary.

I don't do anything on a ring event (probably should but nobody comes to our door at night), but I do have a webcore piston that fires when motion is detected betweek sunset and sunrise.

I had fairly bright, cool white bulbs in the fixtures on our porch and in front of the garage, but my wife hates the brightness when we sit out on the porch. Especially when we were consuming large quantities of alcohol out on the porch during the early covid lockdown period.

So I put Sengled zigbee bulbs in the fixtures and have them come on at 30% and warm white at sunset. If motion is detected by the doorbell, they go to 100% and cool white for a few minutes, then back to where they were. Wife is happy and it has the side benefit of letting anyone know that we're aware you're there if you decide to poke around in our driveway at night. Plus I got to spend money on geeky stuff with a high WAF.

Of course, they also turn red and green during the Christmas season, red and blue during Memorial Day and July 4th, etc. but still go to full white on motion.

New to hubitat and browsing the forum for project ideas....Currently transitioning from ST...

If anyone is home and certain devices (i.e. Roomba or Google Home playing music) are active, those devices get paused and a announcement is made in areas of the house (basement) that wouldn't otherwise hear the doorbell. Will attempt to recreate in HE but just getting started. :grinning:

I have a dumb doorbell with a Smartthings Multi Sensor (Vibration) in the box. Works for me until I pluck up the courage to get a Nest Wired doorbell :+1:

My doorbell causes my harmony remote to turn to an input on my main tv that show my cameras.

I’ll hijack my own thread. Can you share how you integrated your white noise machine?

I have a couple white noise machines that I plug into zigbee outlets. Works with any white noise machine that has a simple on/off switch.


Same - my noise machine comes on when the power does.. so a simple outlet works great - that and a Lutron Pico to control the machine, lights etc.


Oh yeah good point. I use an old Iris button that I stuck on top of the white noise machine’s power button. That way my wife or I can still turn it on/off manually, or it can be automated (e.g. when the house goes into night mode).

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Heck, once you put it on a smart outlet you can control it with anything - use a smart light switch and control it via button taps.. something like 2 up for on / 2 down for off.. or maybe just 2 up to toggle.. something like that.

Ah, that's the piece I was not sure about. Thanks for the link.

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A friend recommended Dohm years ago and my family has been using them since then in all bedrooms. Manual switch allows you to leave on and control via smart outlet. Bedside Pico remotes control them and master is automatically turned on based on bed presence and time of day.

20% coupons we all in US get in mail work for these plus Amazon varies them:


How many different sounds can it make? It's not clear but looks like a good unit and the price is right.