Why I love this community

I just had to post an experience that I just had that summarizes why I love this community.

Just got 3 new inovelli LZW42 coloured bulbs to import into my setup. Before, I do this, and go romping down the "ghost zwave device" rabbit hole for the upteenth time, I'll just do a quick search to see what other issues/advice people have.

Sure enough, there is an issue with these if you pair with security. No problem, just run the inclusion from a z-stick that is paired without security. Problem and solution found within 2 minutes.

Bingo. 2 minutes later, bulb included without security, works perfectly.

This is why I like this community :grinning:


I'll second that and add. That's also why I love this platform. It is supported by a great community, AND the developers are responsive. Whenever there is a problem or issue, everyone is helpful and ready to offer many solutions. If a fix is required, it gets added to the list and is usually fixed in the next update within a short period of time.

It doesn't matter if you are a seasoned programmer writing a new app or driver, or a new user implementing home automation for the first time. Someone is always ready to jump in and help out.


I will jump on the gratitude bandwagon as well. Some very knowledgeable people here who are glad to help. No talking down to those of us not very up on the technology.


I like it primarily because other users are just plain nice, and helpful. That's something many other HA forums lack, as the fanboys try to outdo each other. A welcome change! Also, Hubitat itself generally tries to improve their product rather than must sitting on their laurels and crowing about how great they are, which is what I found with some other platforms I used in the past. So much nicer here.


I'm someone that treads both sides of this enjoyable line, both developing drivers for a small (?) percentage of users and getting so much out of that experience, but also as a general user myself, enjoying the supportive environment here. I certainly get a kick out of helping someone else improve there own experience with HA in general, learning so much along the way and getting to know people from all around the world. What's not to love....


It's also a brilliant move on Hubitat's part. By encouraging and participating in this forum they basically get a whole bunch of free, crowdsourced level 1 (and in some cases level 2) support technicians and a 7x24 help desk!


I think it's also good that they don't allow too much devolving of conversations. They shut that crap down quick. Also the that the dev's are generally of the same mind set helps a lot. One of the things that HE has going for it is a cohesiveness in terms of both product development and it's audience. They certainly don't pander, but they do listen and take what their end users say seriously, then they discard the dumb and take a serious look at what's left. Separating the wheat from the chaff. Lastly they treat everyone well, even when they're getting crapped on by the insufferable.


Yeah they do a good job of managing it. There are other companies that do similar things but most don't seem to do it as well. Someone should write an article about it for some business journal.


Hey, the best thing they could put out as a slogan from HE..... "Hey, we're not Wink!" (Running and ducking before I get the banhammer)


Good one


We are also exceptionally good-looking.


+1 for actually looking at the forums before creating another post for the same issue for the 20th time


Well, some of us. :sunglasses:

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