Why 'Flow-based' Water Valve Leak Detection device?

Recently, our carrier for homeowner's insurance changed and the new carrier recommended the installation of a Flow-based Water Leak Detection System. Probably boilerplate advice but it would certainly be based on experience with paying water leak claims. We already had the Sinope water valve in place but had not done the flow device part yet. This notice gave me a $ incentive to finish the job.

Anyway, this is what they said:

Install Flow-based Water Leak Detection System

The best way to protect your home from water damage is to install a flow-based water leak detection device. Our studies show that homeowners, like yourself, are more likely to experience water damage than fire or theft. Even though our Chubb claims department is dedicated to help you recover from these types of damages, we also know that water leaks can be a major hassle to you if not caught quickly. After a significant water loss, a homeowner can be displaced from their home on average 6-9 months before all repairs are complete in order to move back. Water losses can be devastating to your home and belongings; may lead to mold and health issues; and are more common than most homeowners realize.

A water leak detection device connected to your main domestic water supply is designed to quickly detect possible water leaks within your home’s plumbing system and shut your water off so no further damage occurs. These leaks can be a result of burst pipes, fixture failures, small drips or frozen pipes. A water leak detection system can warn you before a small leak becomes a big problem.

When choosing a water leak detection device, select one that is flow based rather than sensor-only, and that provides an automatic water shutoff function. Actual pipe size is needed to purchase the product. To ensure operation during power outages, consider enhancing protection with an auxiliary battery or uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Once installed, please provide documentation such as an invoice and photos to your agent/broker. Please contact your Chubb Risk Consultant if you have any questions regarding the selection and purchase of a water shut off device. Visit www.chubb.com/water for more information.

We recommend the following water shut off device(s) for your home:

** Flo Logic. Purchase online at www.flologic.com/chubb using discount code "Chubb15". Connect with a preferred trade professional installer by calling 877-FloLogic.*

** Phyn Plus. Purchase online at www.phyn.com/chubb using discount code "chubb15". For installation, go to www.phyn.com/chubb or call 877-749-6792 to locate an Uponor Pro Squad installer in your area.*

What is their discount?

I don’t know the value of the carrier’s credit yet. But, given that they stratify their credits into “Standard” and “Superior” categories with this one being the latter, I would expect it to be of some higher value than, say, a burglar alarm.

YMMV anyway as carrier policies will likely all be different at this level of detail.

Did you get the Zigbee version, or the proprietary version that requires the GT130? Will the flow valve work with the Zigbee version and HE?

A water shut off valve is high on my list of priorities, but I'm also wondering if as I live on the West Coast I should come up with an earthquake sensor of some kind that will trigger the shut off.

I have the zigbee version and it works great as a stand-alone device just using the native Hubitat driver.

The (presumably) cross-compatible flow sensor has a short (~8”) connecting wire into the back of the valve. And yes, the GT130 controller box is required to enable valve control based on flow.

The user adjustable settings on the flow sensor will be the key to avoid nuisance shut-offs. Here’s to hoping their algorithm has some time in the saddle!

So how would that work.... If the flow valve is connected to GT130, and Zigbee shutoff connected to HE?

Not a problem. The valve will take a command from any authorized controller.

100% of that statement is wrong when referring to simple Zigbee-only devices. I've become too accustomed to the Lutron Caseta world where multiple control vectors are possible but not necessarily a better practice if you rely on accurate and timely device states.

Kind of a shame you need a $84 hub just to get the flow control valve to work.

On the other hand, they're advertising Geofencing. If it's any good, I could see buying the GT130 just for that feature alone!

And someone has got a Neviweb to HE integration working I believe...?