Why does this not work

Does anyone know why this Room Light rule doesn't work

Define "doesn't work"...I think the only issue that jumps out is that you're using the "color=white" instead of "color temperature." Using the color setting may net some weird results on the device. If those are RGBW bulbs, then setting "color=white" tell the bulbs to use the RGB LEDs to make "white" which often results in blue, purple, pink, you name it. You want to use "color temperature=XXX" instead.

No, that's not it, I changed all colour setting, and the lights still turn on, Limit activation, does work with anything, but works with other bulb of the same make and white colour.

So the Limit Activation isn't working?

Sorry, no not working for some reason, which I can't work out, it works for other devices though. Tried removing and recreating rule with no joy, very strange.

You have logging turned on, activate the rule and see what the logs say. It appears you have lux as the activation for the rule? Maybe you will have to simulate light and dark with a flashlight to not have to wait for sunlight. Or cover and uncover the sensor when it is sunny?

Anyway, post the logs and maybe we can decode what is going on.

This is the log, not even checking Limit Activation

I might be reading the rule wrong, but that limit activation is all leave. Were the phones not present, or did they leave (two different things).

I think for this to work, all the phones must be present first, then leave (to create that event), then once the rule gets triggered it should work.

Does your phone presence report properly? Can you see arrive and leave events in the phone device settings page in Device tab?

What does the "gear menu" for this rule look like, does it look accurate for the phones and the lux and other information compared to what you think it should be?

Maybe I should explain what's happening, when the lights are off (Rule Not Active), and no one is home, the lights still turn on (Rule Activates) when illuminance drops, and when the lights are on (Rule Active), and we all leave, lights turn off (Rule Not Active) and then turn back on (Rule Activates), with illuminance sensor

Can you show the device events for the presence sensors that correlate to when the RL was activated?

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The rule activates when in any state, but the rule shouldn't active when all not present but does, the first picture show all not present, as you can see it activated, but still activate if I another device, it just seems to ignore Limit Activation.

Your first screenshot is just a point in time. Just because the RL, in that screenshot, shows all devices "not present" that doesn't mean that the devices were in that state when the lights were activated. This does look buggy to me, but you need to show that the devices were already marked as "not present" (like with the timestamped device events entries) when the RL activated and ignored the limit under activation bit.

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I did think of that, as I been trying to play with different devices, and got the same results, so as these are virtual present switches, I use a ping in Node Red to activate them, I disable the ping request in Node Red, set present switches to not present on all the present switches and left them for about 1 minute, then activated rule and had the same result, the result is the first picture.