Why does this group not work?

I created a group called "Outside Lights" and currently it only has a single dimmer switch in it. As I expand my zwave network across my house, I'll be adding two additional switches to the group.

I can turn that switch on and off fine. But turning this group on, off, or setting a brightness level just doesn't do anything at all.

As a side note, how exactly does the "use group device to indicate if any members are on?" setting work?

For easy testing, I made a dashboard and added the switch and the group. You can see I turned the group off but the switch stayed on.


Also, nothing really seems amiss in the log either.


But yet, nothing actually happened.

If you have multiple devices in one group, the group can show ON when all devices are on, or if any devices are on. The option "use group device to indicate if any members are on" would turn the group on if even one device is on.

In regards to your issue, I know there have been issues with dimmers in recent firmwares.

What device are you using and what firmware is your hub on? Which hub model are you using?

Did you try disabling on/off optimization?

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I fixed it. I'm not sure how it got this way, but I noticed in my screenshot that the dimmer in the group was called "Front Door Lights" and I had actually named it "Front Porch Lights". So I refreshed the device list and the group started working.