Why does Manage Conditions say "unused"?

Just updated to 2.3.7 and was looking at my existing rules and saw "unused" in the managed
conditions box. What I'm trying to do in this rule is: if it's 6PM and a temp sensor reports > 68F, then turn off the Dye_House heater.
What am I doing wrong?

You built the condition, but you haven't actually used it anywhere in the rule, so that's why it's indicating "unused".

To use it, you'll need to add an if-then conditional statement into the rule.

As it stands right now, your rule just turns the heater off at 6pm.


I think this fixes it it. Though I don't understand why I have to repeat the test for temperature in both in Manage Conditions and also in Actions.

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Manage Conditions is just a bank. You aren't repeating it but rather referencing this already-created condition (change it in the bank and it will change anywhere you are using it). You can also create these on the fly (as you build the expression, instead of ahead of time; they'll end up here too). Some people find one way or the other easier.

Creating a condition doesn't do anything on its own; the rule can't know exactly how you want to use it. The example in your rule is fairly simple, but conditions can be combined into more complicated expressions, used in triggers for conditional triggers, or used in different kinds of actions, in case that helps you imagine why it can't know what you want just for having created one.


Adding to @bertabcd1234's comment regarding creating these on the fly......If you choose, you can ignore the Manage Conditions section and go right to Select Actions to Run. This is perfectly acceptable and is what I would do for a simple rule such as yours.


Thanks, that make sense.

(Just learning RM)