Why does everyone reboot

I keep seeing a number of posts talking about reboots. Did I miss something, is this now a "thing" we should be doing?

Only if you are having issues with the hub getting slow or crashing.

Most should not need to reboot on a schedule - it is just for those that have issues, or perceive the reboots as preventing issues.


I only reboot when something seems off, like yesterday when motion lighting was not quite as responsive as usual. The need is infrequent (weeks, sometimes days) and usually related to app or driver code changes.

My hub would slow down to a crawl by the end of the day. Haven't really noticed it now that I've moved all logic off of the hub. But I still have a nightly reboot schedule in the middle of the night while we're all sleeping. I figure it's not really hurting anything so why change it at this point.

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While I have on occasion rebooted after experiencing some sluggishness in automations, there certainly is no reason to reboot on a regular basis in absence of any issues.

I've been gradually removing some third party apps and drivers, including some that are very popular with the community here. I've not yet found a smoking gun with any particular app, but the overall impact is noticeable. I can't remember the last time I rebooted to resolve sluggish response.

There is probably a resource leak of some kind somewhere that can be extremely difficult to troubleshoot. We know they are working on identifying that but it might take a while. Until then, an occasional reboot resolves the issue .. but don't do it unless you yourself have found a need to.

Yeah you are well over your quota. :grin::grin:


Ah ok, maybe I opened pandoras box here,

Maybe just a bit.

But you’re not missing out on any secret sauce, unless you have a problem with your hub slowing down or freezing. And even then, whenever possible it’s better to identify the underlying cause(s). Rebooting seems to temporarily help resolve/improve things.

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No issues with my hub. I wondered if maybe it was a new feature


Conditioned by Microsoft.

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Ahhh. How I yearn for a CTRL-ALT-DELETE key. Or maybe a TURBO button?!

But in all seriousness, I’ve only experienced a slow down a few times but now I keep it on a weekly reboot cycle in the middle of the night and rarely encounter situations where automations are slow.


Haven't thought about those in many years... :slight_smile:


The older turbo mod was pulling an 8088 out of its socket and replacing it with a NEC V20 ..... I seem to recall it running at almost twice the clock speed.

Edit - so much better for Pong :joy:


:innocent: (And this one is a really old one...)





I think RLL.

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BOTH (and you can also add SCSI if you have the right isa card :+1:)


Out of curiousity has anyone who has a slow hub eliminated common devices?

It seems odd how the people who have issues continue to see issues while others don't