Why do previously working nodes go NOT_RESPONDING and "unreachable"?

Why do previously working nodes all of a sudden go NOT_RESPONDING? When running a repair on the node (C-7), the logs show it is attempting to ping the node but then "Repair failed node unreachable". Running latest firmware, rebooted, etc. This has happened to a few different hard-wired and battery powered devices (all zwave plus) and the only way I can get them working again is to un-pair and re-pair. But this is a huge pain because it kills any automation scripts they were in. Thoughts?

Also, I don't think I have any ghost nodes and there are no "Busy" messages in the logs.

Step One... ignore the ZWave Details Messages.

Step Two... for devices showing as NOT_RESPONDING, try them. I have an Aeon WallMote and it seems perpetually NOT_RESPONDING, yet I touch a button and the Device Info page and Logs tell me it's just fine and the NOT_RESPONDING message goes away.

Step Three.. Run a device specific REPAIR.

Step Four.. For devices that don't respond, try a REPLACE instead of an Exclude/Include.

But really, it's Step One that is the most important. :slight_smile:


Yea, I generally don't pay attention to those status messages unless I'm having issues. And like I mentioned, the device here is not working and repairing says it's unreachable.

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