Why do light values change when individual lights are grouped

New to Hubitat coming from Home Assistant. I have two EcoSmart bulbs (non RGB) individually in devices they report colorName : Polar, colorTemperature : 6535, level : 100 but when grouped these values change to colorMode : RGB, colorName : Cyan, colorTemperature : 2500, hue : 50, level 100, saturation : 100.

There is no difference from the light emitted from each bulb except what is being reported by the group is not correct. Is this normal behavior for Hubitat?

There were some bugs discovered quite recently in how the naming logic works for some bulbs. If you open the device page for the Group Activation device for this group, you can command it to be in CT mode instead of RGB mode. Do this by giving it a Set Color Temperature command. Then it should work correctly. This device was not initialized correctly. Will be fixed in next release, coming soon.


Thank you, this worked.

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