Why do I want Pushover?

this:, i use it to send notifications to all the phones in family, plus my chromecasts with google TV, Pixelbook, and PC's


Wait a sec. I thought I had read that speaking over Echo was problematic because of some sort of caching issue that needs refreshed frequently.

Is that no longer the case or do you live with the caching issue?

I'd love for Hubitat to speak over my Echo devices.

Oh, that's cool. How's it work with Chromecast? Does it pop up a notification bubble over whatever you're watching?

Echo Speaks, especially this latest (beta) version, works terrific. It basically always has worked OK, but the Hubitat optimized version is fast, and much less processor intensive.


It works with an app called pushTV. Yep a notification pops up in the top right hand corner and it plays a notification sound. It works on android tv and the new chromecast with google tv. (not the regular chromecast)


The mobile app notfications work as long as you have the mobile app installed on all the devices you want notified. My wife and son just do not want "Another dumb app" on their phones, so being able to send texts to them works best for us.

Importantly, I can even send texts to anyone who's mobile number I have. I have some events set up to notify my brother who lives nearby, and all I need to do that was enter his phone number (and get his permission to include him in the notifications). :slight_smile:

I don't use the mobile app at all myself, and send emails and text messages from Hubitat using Sendmail, a community developed email/test messaging driver. You can read more about it here. Free!


Thank you for the feedback, everyone. There's great info here.

How hard would this be to set up for a dumbass like me? I've got Spectrum (Charter) and Yahoo mail. I like that this would work on a dumb (like me) phone.

Mind sharing what modifications you made?

It's pretty simple...sort of like setting up your email info into an email app, you just need your email provider's email server/port info, and the email address to send emails to your phone as texts...most major ISPs support that. For Verizon, for example, it's phonenumber@vtext.com, e.g., 3435828574@vtext.com sends and email that arrives at your phone as a text. Example below

There's info and links at the Sendmail thread, and the developer, @kahn-hubitat has been helpful w/folks setting it up. You can't use your Gmail account to do this as Gmail and Hotmail don't support it, but if your ISP provides an email that can work.

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Thanks very much. I now have an isp email, and will pursue this.

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I'll warn @kahn-hubitat. :wink:

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oh, no, i did not make the modifications myself :wink:

Please see this link with modified driver and how to use the extra functions.

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Which version of the beta are you running? I see that was just released earlier today. Is that the one I want?

Yes, I am on the beta not the "normal" version. If is the latest, I would install that one. I use Hubitat Package Manager, so I don't pay lots of attention to versions. I just click update when one comes out.

If you haven't tried HPM, you should. It makes installing, managing, and updating things like this MUCH easier.

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I just started using pushover. It's on mine and my wife's phone and I have it set to sync notifications. So we both get a notification that the washer/dryer/dishwasher is done and when we swipe the notification away, it lets the other person know it's been taken care of.

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Nice. I didn’t know it did that.

I just got SendMail working. What I like is that I can get notifications even if I have the phone's mobile network turned off (to conserve power, or whatever), and that it would indeed work on a dumb phone. Pushover is quite nice as well, but needs the mobile network, and an app to work.

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Exactly...I like that about sendmail as well.

Plus, I believe either can be set up to send to more than one address.

It'd be nice if the notifications could be more finely filtered to, say, if mail arrives it could go to one address, and if there's a leak it could go to another, or both.

I'm not sure Pushover can do this, even with buying another subscription, and I'm pretty sure SendMail can't, since you only have the one device.

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