Why did the Schlage BE468/BE469 Lock fall off the list of devices

Why did the Schlage BE468/BE469 Lock fall off the list of devices?

They are quirky at best. At worst they just don't work. There are drivers for them so you can try them if you want to, but from my experience with 3 of these, I would avoid buying them and using them if at all possible.

Mine work in the sense that they lock and unlock every time, but they kill the batteries in like a week. Others can't make them lock or unlock reliably. And some can't even get them to pair with the hub.

So long story short, instead of making people think that these stupid locks work with Hubitat, they removed them from the officially supported list.

Edit to say, this seems to be a firmware issue, and Schlage has decided to not allow firmware updates. So the issue cannot be fixed without replacing the locks.


Long history of problematic behavior combined with poor (aka non-existent) firmware support from Schlage I think lead to Hubitat pulling them from the official list. In particular the early lock firmware was really bad, nothing but issues. All you have to do is run a search query and find dozens and dozens of threads with these issues.

If you are lucky to have locks with later firmware you should be ok. The dedicated built-in driver remains and I use with it four BE469ZP locks installed in my house. Would I buy more/again, nope. Next house will likely be Yale Pro series (only available to lock pro dealers).


From your post I was interested in your suggestion of the Yale Pro series. I found them (or at least one) on Amazon :slight_smile:

It does look like a well made lock. Noticing their decision to put a dead battery contact on the outside.

Its a new world out there..... I remember when Sony TVs were "fair trade" i.e. Sony set the retail price and would only supply to those who sold at that price.

I have two of the BE468's and they always work great and battery life is about 1 year.
HOWEVER, according to Z wave mesh details, they change routes at least 100 times!!!!
Since my C7 antenna mod, they connect directly but still have many many route changes.
I don't know if they are slowing down my hub (it doesn't seem to though), but with what I am reading on the forums, these locks aren't recommended anymore.

I saw the Yale Pro on Amazon, but wanted to get some more suggestions as to a good deadbolt to possibly replace my Schlages.

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