Why can’t hubitat support myq garage officially?

There's plenty to be told about before that usb-c cable. Get busy, by friend :grin:
Edit it later. Some people might run into the lack of a usb-c as well. All is important in a project. Even the mistakes and redos. Just super excited to read about your challenge and mistakes and solutions for those mistakes. You're my hero @gavincampbell


In this situation, I think YOU are the smart button. :wink:


I think that's a typo..

smart As$ is what I'm sure you meant :smiley:


Here is my two cents worth on official MyQ integration. We are better off with the community apps. MyQ would want to be paid by Hubitat to be "an official partner of MyQ" and then they would want us as users to pay them a subscription fee of roughly $10 a month. On top of that, you would be very limited on what you could do with this integration. No opening the doors with Alexa voice commands or anything else that they would deem unsafe or unsecured for you. Their decision, not yours and you are paying for it. I use the community apps and feel that I am better off for it.

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@Otto_Mation … FYI .. IFTTT support was originally $10/year. For me, it was waived and is currently no cost. Agree, "officially" supporting MyQ will most likely drive licensing cost. I'm OK using IFTTT + contact sensor for my needs.

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Very nice!!! I will be getting the same I already have a MyQ garage, but this would be a nice addition in case the Cloud connection with MyQ goes down... and since it has 3 relays, I plan to set one up to connect to my Heat Exchange system. I will setup a rule that turns it on to full power/exhaust if the humidity level goes higher than a set level in the bathrooms. :smiley:

I posted my DIY guide here in case you want.

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I received my Zooz multirelay today and set it up to control my air exchanger - sets it to Turbo mode when the shower light is turned on for now... Will switch it to a humidity level once I receive my humidity sensor next week. Garage door to be setup this weekend - I have to cable it from my garage to the relay which is in the basement, so will take a bit longer...

Thanks again @gavincampbell for sharing your solution!


No Myq Integrations are free. all have a monthly subscription.

Actually IFTTT linking is free. For now.


I’ve been trying to integrate my MYQ garage door opener for a bit now and I found that Homebridge has a plugin that works with MYQ devices and supports open/close and status of the door opener for integrated garage door openers.

The link is for homebridge but they seem to have solved the door status problem.

I’ve been trying to create a virtual switch set by HomeKit so that I can ultimately have all my rules in HE but I keep running into issues with not being able to SET statuses of a contact sensor or not allowing a switch to be the sensor for the door.

Has anyone looked at how the homebridge devs were able to access status directly from the doors? I can but my skills are waning.. :slight_smile:

They poll the server for the door status. It’s not that it’s impossible, it’s that myq asked that it be removed because it was hammering their servers back when it was part of the smartthings app. There were way too many people running it back then.

I realize this is not a solution but did you consider putting a Z-Wave or Zigbee contact sensor on your door.
I say this because I have a ecobee and it too works through their servers ..... most of the time and have come to believe an internet link to function is not something I want to continue with.


This is the solution and works way better then any kind of polling on the myq sensors. You will get a more accurate and faster result of the door status.

I use to like this solution but still had to fight with the fact that it still required their servers to send the open and close commands which weren’t the most reliable.


I was never comfortable with remote operation of my garage door. I've always considered the possibility of the garage door coming down on my car as I am backing out, or stopped with the last foot or two sticking out while I move a bicycle so I can get the car in the garage. In both cases the safety beam will go under the car and detect all clear. But that's just me.

When I was needing to do that I created "hybrid drivers" Drivers with both Switch and Contact capabilities, for example. Then just programmed the on/off to also be an open/close and vise versa.

Here's a Presence/Switch Hybrid:

It's used for Homebridge presence... iPhone becomes present, an Apple HomeKit Automation sets the switch and Hubitat sees the Presence side in Rules. Easily modified to be any pair of Capabilities.

I have. I was looking for a software solution first. Thank you.

I’ve gone with the IFTTT solution for now. It’s 12:45am right now for me and in testing I accidentally opened/closed the garage door and got the “Seriously...” text from my wife. Time to shut it down.. I appreciate all the quick help tonight.


LOL.. I should count how many of those I get a week.. :smiley: