Why are they not pingable ? < Very Confused Why?

I have ( 6 ) MOES / Tuya Zigbee 4 button Scene Switches
Not sure why but in the Settings / Zigbee Details < page
( 5 ) of the ( 6 ) Button controllers are set to Ping Off ( ( 1 ) Test Switch can be pinged )
The Other ( 5 ) Can not be turned on the radio button can not be turned on ?
They are using the same driver and same button controller : tuya zigbee scene switch < driver

Any Ideas ?

These Tuya battery-powered scene switches really can not be pinged.

They are ‘deep sleeping’ devices and have their radios turned off most of the time to preserve the battery. The device wake up on a button press and also periodically (but unpredictable) on an internal timer period.

What is interesting is how HE knows that… A power source ‘battery’ reported by the device is not a 100% guarantee that the device is sleepy. Some are, others are not.


Thanks for responding .. just seems weird that the ONE is pingable.
The other 5 is turned off and can not be turned on.
But I get what your saying .. seems logical why they would not be.