Why are some devices missing on Devices page in the new Mobile app?

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My question is: I’m running a C8, updated to latest version. All of my water sensors are grouped with life safety sensors in a room called “security,” but the only thing that shows in the new app when I look at devices by room is my Aeotec siren. Smoke detectors, CO detectors, and water detectors are all missing.

That said, I can add them to dashboards.

Is there a fix for this or something I’m doing wrong?

As always, thanks so much :slight_smile:

You didn't say if you're using the iOS or Android app - appears to be iOS but not 100% sure as I haven't seen the new app on a tablet.

Regarding your question, the previous version of the mobile apps, along w/the new versions, do not display leak sensors on the Devices tab. You can, as you've noted see them in a dashboard in the mobile app. The Devices tab has been focused on bulbs, switches/dimmers, and plugs, things you may need to turn on/off, set dim level.

So not a bug, it's the current design of the apps. That might change in the future but for now no leak sensors on the Device tab.

There is a Mobile Apps category where you can post questions/comments about the mobile apps - more likely to be seen by the appropriate HE personnel in that category.

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Not all devices are currently supported by the Devices page in the new mobile app.

For more details on supported devices please check out this document: Mobile App | Hubitat Documentation

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