Why are none of my ZigBee devices relaying?

The route view indicates they are all direct path from hub (C8) which is most certainly not how they physically are laid out. 3500 sqft house, concrete walls. Was expecting relay like Zwave.

All devices are Zemismart/Tuya switches, ZigBee 3.0 variant.

I think direct-to-hub is sought after with Z-Wave. Not sure why not Zigbee. I like it, lol.

How long ago did you do the graph? I think a lot of times the graph starts out radial, but then changes over time.

What type of devices are all of these? Not all Zigbee devices are repeaters. According to your graph, it appears that none of your devices are repeaters. Repeaters appear as blue. This is why all of your devices are directly connected to your hub.


As I mentioned, they are all new ZigBee 3 Zemismart/Tuya switches.

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That's true.

One could think of that as a feature.

Not in a full cement construction home

Do they work?

Plus, if you really want repeaters, you can get some 3.0 plugs that repeat and sprinkle them around the place.

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The graph's derived from limited info, mainly what shows up in the hub's getChildandRouteInfo child & neighbor tables and cache of recent route discovery requests-- it doesn't take into account the perspective of all routers, which maintain similar info.

So the resulting picture (not always an actual map, unless the mesh is very simple) only accounts for the following:

  • The hub's neighbor routers (repeaters within a 1 hop radius of the hub). Neighbor relationships among other routers 'deeper' in the mesh may not be shown correctly.

  • Devices which have been (or are currently-- since current connections are combined with historical ones) reachable using a neighbor router as the first hop in the route, limited to recent route discovery requests that have appeared in (transient) route table entries-- NOT the internal routing table.

  • End devices for which the hub is the parent device (child devices of other routers may be erroneously depicted as their parent if they are the first hop in a route to that child device, and intermediate routers may not be shown at all)