Why are devices being turned off at 12:10 am

Is there a routine or a way to tell what is turning off devices at 12:10 am. Since 2.2.5 both of my virtual switches, my led light strips, and a vent are being turned off. One of my virtual switches I use as a way to turn off school time notifications for snow days or holidays so I have to manually turn it back on every morning.

Logs tell the story.

You can look at the bottom of a device’s details page to see what rules are interacting with it.

Here are the logs and the device details page for the School Time virtual switch. I don't think its the Amazon Echo Skill or Maker API that are doing it and the 2 rules don't have any triggers at 12:10 am (all triggers for both of the rules are time based) The GoodNight virtual switch was turned back on because of a rule.

dev:3222021-01-31 12:10:42.806 am infoDownstair's Vent was turned off

dev:4822021-01-31 12:10:41.460 am infoKitchen LED Lights is off

dev:662021-01-31 12:10:41.150 am infoOffice LED Light Strip is off

dev:4492021-01-31 12:10:41.025 am infoVirtualSwitch - GoodNight was turned on

dev:1662021-01-31 12:10:40.815 am infoCameron's Vent was turned off

dev:4492021-01-31 12:10:40.055 am infoVirtualSwitch - GoodNight was turned off

dev:1642021-01-31 12:10:40.041 am infoSchool Time was turned off

Device Detials

”..when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth..”

So a couple of questions to help narrow down the possibilities.

  1. What is on the other end of the MakerAPI?
  2. Have you, by chance, accidently enabled Alexa Hunches (check your Alexa routines for ones that you didn’t create)

That was it, thank you so much. There was an Alexa Featured routine that turned off all the lights at 12:10 am including my virtual switches.