Why add HE to a Caseta setup?


If I have an existing Lutron Caseta system, all lighting in a townhome, why would I add a Hubitat Elevation hub?

Is it for local control?

Does HE have a better rules engine?



YES! You also can have apps like Gentle Sunrise that brings the lights up over the course of an hour. You could have presence based lighting or complex lighting rules that do different things at different times of day or by who is home. You can use Pico remotes to do things that are not usually allowed in Caseta only, like use a Pico to turn off two separate lamps depending if you just press, or if you hold the buttons. I use the Pico hold button feature to turn off lamps in other areas of the home, my basement Z-wave switch is turned off by the dining room Pico.

You can also mix protocols. For example, you could use Zigbee or Z-wave temperature, humidity, or door sensors with the Caseta switches. There are devices available in other protocols that Caseta does not have at all.


I don't know how the Caseta app works - locally or over the cloud. But HE does control a Caseta Pro bridge locally. Hubitat does not work with the non-pro Caseta bridge.

Yes. It also has support for a multitude of devices not supported by Caseta, permitting cross-protocol/platform integrations. For instance, I have automated motion-driven lighting in several areas of my house using z-wave motion sensors that trigger Caseta dimmers/switches.


Pico remotes! Integrating Lutron Pico Remotes with Hubitat results in some of, if not THE best button controller devices. Pico remote + Hubitat open up numerous possibilities for controlling non Lutron devices. I use Picos to control Sengled SmartBulbs, for example. And also a Zigbee Fan/Light Controller from Hampton Bay.

I also use bunch of inexpensive Zigbee Motion and Door/Window sensors to automate Lutron Caseta lighting throughout the house.


If you already have a full Caseta setup then I'm sure you're familiar with Picos. First of all, do you have a Caseta Pro or regular Caseta? If the regular version, that won't link with Hubitat. Only the Pro Bridge will.
If you want to add motion sensors, or contact sensors or do complex Automations with your lights, Hubitat can do that for you. If that doesn't interest you, then you probably don't need Hubitat.


Newbie since a month. Caseta system installed and some samsung smart sensors + a Yale lock.
Just with that, I can make things easier:

  • lock opened after sunset ? a rule defines that my porch light dim to 15% (to allow me to put my security code on my alarm panel), then full brightness for 2 minutes, then shutdown.
  • sensor triggered in my stairs ? full brightness there, even with my arms full of things.
  • Pico used to mute speakers when we go to bed
  • Open the light ans says the hour on GM when I open my garage.
  • etc
    just in few easy steps (RM). Worth the purchase. I had X10 years ago. No more strange lights behaviors and no complaining wife about that (But I didn't put a caseta switch on the bedroom - experienced husband).
    Just those few examples justify the purchase of this wonderful combo: HE and Caseta in an old house.