Whole home access control

Im wanting to install a whole home access control system. This would be setup like a commercial access control system with one main control and everything going out (hardwired) to the doors with electric strikes , door position switches, prox card readers and or key pads. Im wanting to use HE for code manager, GEO-FENCING, ETC. Does anyone here have a recommendation for a controller that can do that?

Control 4 might work for a lot of that. I doubt that HE is what you are looking for. A system like you describe will be 15-20k easy

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I can't claim an experience in the high-end HA systems that feel like are more common in the US and EU, but can only comment that the device requirements that you list are, to a large extent outside of HE. There is the consideration of what within those are compatible with HE, but, from @rlithgow1 's comment, I am expecting the first consideration will be what devices / systems provide those features, then the HE compatibility will likely be a secondary consideration.

That's a fairly convoluted way of saying, work out your list of devices that satisfy those requirements first, then, from that list, work out what works with HE.

I'd also expect each of the requirements you list is a discussion point of it's own, with various options and pro's and con's. Not to say they are not valid points to raise or requirements to have of your HA system, just to note that these make up a meaty list of things to discuss.

So the question:

Is probably putting the "cart before the horse", if you get my drift.... There's more problems to solve before you get to this.... And perhaps there is not one controller to solve all your requests....

As an end to my spamming of your thread... :slight_smile: I'd add that HE could "likely" serve as a centralised point to manage whatever options you choose, with the obvious caveats around compatibilities.... And the fact this is counter to may last post :slight_smile:

There would still be some research needed to choose devices that best suit the HE platform, but there is usually a way to make things work, just depends on your appetite for the alternatives that may be required....

@erktrek may be able to provide some more insights in this space....


I work with commercial access control systems and some manufacturers have reasonably priced systems available. If I was personally going to install access control in my own property I would look at something like a Paxton Net2 system and would likely pick the wireless handle locks Wireless Access Control | Paxton Access Control

For the HE element I can't comment if it would work or not but Paxton do have API's available to integrate with other systems, so it might be something that could work.

Other than this, you could take a look at what existing locks HE is compatible with and maybe adapt those to suit your requirements, or see if you could create your own system using NFC tags for the readers and configure an arduino board to control the electric strike & door status monitoring?

Keep in mind you may have to have an emergency escape means of egress on the doors either by a handle to exit or an emergency button which unlocks the door

Good luck and remember to update us on how you get on!