WhirlPool Wifi Water Softener (Originally designed for Lowe's IRIS)

I can easily replace or get most of my former IRIS devices working with Hubitat....but the water softener was a pain in the but to install and I probably can't justify replacing it for another 7 years.

It does have a wifi interface with at least a small webserver running on it, perhaps based on a basic Arduino board..haven't look at the electronics.

Advantages of the water softener being remotely managed:

  • Reports daily water usage and generates alarms for abnormal behavior
  • Reports salt level status helping to remind me when to perform maintenance
  • Shows realtime water usage and the state of the softener (whether it is running a recharge/etc)

I'll live with it as a dumb device as needed but it'd be nice if I or others can figure out how to reverse engineer the protocol/api for getting device info. Perhaps, even Lowe's will eventually release that information.

Did you ever get a way to connect to the softener. I’ve the same issue but only just moved to Hubitat and working through all my systems.

I'm in the same boat. I don't think we'll ever get it connected again. Seems the firmware was connecting to a Whirlpool server connected with the Iris platform.