Which zipato siren? (and compared to Dome siren?)

Looking at sirens, looks like zipato hits all the marks but there appear to be 2 different models.
AB02Z and PH-PSE02.US

People seem to recommend it just as "zipato siren" so which are they referring to?
Also, how does it compare to Dome - they seem very similar

I'm not familiar with the Dome, but the Zipato PH-PSE02.US I believe has the same innards as this one and I'm running this with the Zipato inbuilt driver. I like the fact you can add a backup battery.

If you want a device that can be used as a siren, strobe, and chime, go with the Aeotec Siren 6, but you won't be able to use it with Hubitat until the next hub update is released.


Once the new Hubitat firmware supports zwave pairing of the Siren/Doorbell, will you be porting your Smartthings Doorbell 6 DTH to Hubitat?


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If there isn't a built-in Hubitat driver for it yet then I can port it...


the thing is, I'd like to get something that's currently functional. Is there a release date for aeotec 6? will it work at all if I get it now? mostly I'm interested in siren and chime.. strobe is a nice perk but not necessary, and i'd like to have it powered from an outlet

Aeotec Siren 6 is released (I physically have one on my desk), and I think the doorbell 6 is too (edit: it is, see below).

Neither work with Hubitat in 2.1.0 (at all - won't even pair), but both work in SmartThings currently.

Both should work in an upcoming Hubitat release (either with an in-box or user driver). The exact release it will work in hasn't been officially said, nor when that release will be. I think it will be in one of the next couple of releases, but I am not in the beta group so don't know that for a fact - just a guess.

That said, Hubitat averages a release every 2-3 weeks, in general.

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Yes, I have one in an unopened box on my desk.

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has anybody managed to get the AB02Z working on their network? The zipato siren driver built in doesn't seem to do anything to it.

The built-in driver was written for the Zipato Multisound Siren.

The AB02Z looks a lot like the NEO Siren and that device works with the Dome Siren driver so you might want to try that driver.

ah yes the dome siren makes noise!

Sorry to drag up an old thread... I just bought the AB02Z and can't even get it to pair/connect. everything else on my Hubitat is zigbee and I'm running
I've done a factory reset on the AB02z and a soft reset on the Hubitat. Tried from from power-up and from the three presses. Also tried with power attached tried standing right next to hubitat. Also only trying to pair this single device.

Should i return this thing as faulty, or do you think its a Hubitat issue?


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