Which Smart Lock do you prefer and why?

Agreed, but also, I can include it in my review. Sometimes people are influenced by great customer service. I orderd the lock on Sunday night. Shipped from Canads. Was here today. Not bad. They answered the phone right away. Not bad. Let's see the resolution. Worth it to me.


Very true! I know I am.


Ok I'm ready to do a review. I'm going to post it as a separate thread. Watch for it. I'll get it done yet this evening. I can't include a video of it yet because the door needs to be adjusted and my husband has some very important business to attend to. :rofl:

So I guess he'll get to it when he gets to it. But a video will be to follow.


Does Jeff even know you're making fun of him this way? Dude's worked all day - let him rest for cryin' out loud!


Actually, I'm not making fun of him. Two of my favorite people are on line unwinding from the day. My boss, who's had a VERY tough week, and the love of my life. They NEED to play. I made him. We came home, I sent him down to hop on zombies while I unloaded the car, put the groceries away, ran the groceries to my elderly neighbors, and installed our alfred lock. All while he's been "killin' zombies." the man IS resting. I would adjust the door, only I'm not sure how.


The door has been adjusted and the lock installed. Here is the start of the review. I'll shoot a video later on.

How’s this Alfred lock working out??. I’m looking for a new front door lock.

I'm waiting for the new lock to arrive. Anticipated today. Although I'm not 100% sure of that. UPS is being very vague. Once I get the new lock installed, I will come wrap up the review.


Mine is working fine. I've had it in HE for several days and no problems. I setup a whole 3 node mesh to have a trail from the lock to my HE controller that is in my rack. NO Z-Wave issues.

I've also ran it through a few other controllers and no issues with functionality. If anyone is interested in using with the ISY be mindful that configuring lock codes through the ISY is not supported yet for this lock.


Please name it.



Just going to throw out an update on the Alfred. After adding a repeater with beaming, everything is hitting on queue. A serious improvement to my mesh all the way around. Even the Schlage is playing nice. I have it set up so that my Alfred lock unlocks itself if I unlock the schlage. It's so nice to walk in and hear that door unlocking itself automatically. I did this with a rule. Still very happy with Alfred and it's been stable and happy for weeks now. I'd still recommend it. Although at no fault to the lock, if you're going to go with z-wave, have patience and a repeater with beaming. I will say that what's nice about having multiple smart locks that are compatible with lock code manager is that you add a user and assign them a lock. So If you want to give your brother access to the house you add them once with a code and you can set access to the locks that you want them to have access. So UPS garage lock, brother - both locks. Huge time save because you don't have to program each lock individually.


why not another schlage? do you want more variety to give alternate options or backups in case schlage stops working?

have you had any issues with schlage? i've sen lots of issues on the forums and it's been dropped from Hubitat's supported devices list, but it did appeal to me at first for the programmability, physical key hole, and zwave function.

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My schlage lock has been stable. The only reason my lock is stable is because I've added 3 repeaters and several mains powered z-wave switches. If you're going to buy a schlage then you'll need to be prepared to9 overdo the number of z-wave devices that repeat in your network to keep it stable. It's very finnicky. I'd recommend going with a lock that's on the supported locks list or go with a zigbee version of that schlage lock.

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I need to replace my (2) Schlage locks that I previously had on Wink and currently on SmartThings.
Based on this thread, I've seen countless people referencing to Yale locks so I had a few questions.

Oh man, you really wanted to start a brawl, didn't you?! :wink:

I only have experience w/one brand/model, Schlage Zwave BE 469.

It's been perfect since the day I installed it, as long as I've provided it a decent DTH (SmartThings) or driver (HE). Joined both ST and HE w/out any issues. I always join it w/hub within 6 feet. Gets connected, has never lost connection, treats batteries nicely.

Locks when I tell it to (automations or touch-screen, etc.) same w/unlocking, codes work, etc., etc.,

Just zero issues over years of use, I would buy another Schlage in a heartbeat.


I have my schlage lock unlock when we arrive. Don't need Bluetooth for that.

Check your local Lowe’s. They started clearancing schlage at mine to around 66% off.

YRD226 is on the compatible list.. so yes. It also comes in either Z-Wave or Zigbee.

Many differing opinions about this.. I started with YRD256 w/Z-Wave but experienced too many issues early on and ended up switching the module to Zigbee and it's just worked ever since. However there are others that have been running with Z-Wave for years and are happy as well.

You might want to consider what devices you already have on your network - things old Z-Wave devices that require polling / Xiaomi or other cheap Zigbee devices etc + distance to hub etc. Those could potentially help you figure out which one to get.

Since Schlage is not officially supported you will get what you get - but if you can get a huge discount???. At least the community is here to help and they are awesome.

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Kwikset 914 Zigbee

  • Reports reliably
  • Physical buttons that ALWAYS work (unlike how capacitive lock buttons work a lot of the time in my experience)
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