Which “Smart Home Secuity Kit” to work with HE

So I’m working through getting HE setup for home security and HSM, but there are a few bits of the puzzle missing: smarts locks, keypads, sirens, etc.
I notice there are a few “Smart Home Secuity” start kits on the market that have these sort of things a say a couple of motion sensors and a couple of door/window sensors that I could make use of but which (it any) of them work with HE, ideally as z-wave/Zigbee rather than having to have another hub.
Just to complicate things further I’m in the UK, and ideally everything will be eithier wireless or can be run from 12v.

Here is the list of compatible devices
I'm from the US so I'm not sure what differences there are in device availability but you can still get Iris V2 or V3 keypads via Ebay, these are Zigbee devices so I think they should work there fine if you can get them shipped. Both Schlage and Yale make Zigbee Smart Locks as well, my guess is Kiwkset does as well. Sirens are tougher to find in Zigbee for some reason. The only issue with Z-Wave is the difference in radio frequencies and I'm not sure what options there are for Sirens there.

My approach was to separate the 2 systems.

I self installed and configured a DSC1832 security system (Canadian company, owned by Tyco I believe) and added an Envisalink module to communicate back to HE (this is done via local Ethernet network). Sensors are very inexpensive, easily available, and can be wired or wireless (most of mine are wired). This approach means that the alarm system will always work regardless of what is going on with HE, your network, or power loss. This system can also be cheaply and easily monitored with wireless backup (at least in North America - alternatively you could just add cellular backup to your home network).

You can choose to operate the alarm via the keypads, Envisalink app, HE, or a combination of the 3.

You can buy these systems pre programmed from a vendor or do it yourself.

The Envisalink integration means the wired sensors offer immediate triggers for HE automations.

Something to consider.

Really depends on what you are going with.
Before I switched over to HE, I bought the Ring Alarm thanks to it's battery back-up and real human monitoring.

[Ring company, privacy, security issues aside ] with the Excellent Unofficial Ring integration app, I'm extremely happy.

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Just getting started and I have been trying to figure out this too. We have a SimpliSafe setup now, but it looks like it's extremely difficult to integrate into our network. Does anyone have any advice on another system?

I have no desire to ever use Ring products, I don't want monthly subscriptions, and don't trust that company at all over all the security issues with them as of late. I'd rather run my own if at all possible.

Generally I would agree with you on that. Why I like the Ring in this case is it gives me a cheap offsite solution. Only $10 bucks a month which includes the alarm monitoring and theft protection. That way if somebody were to break in and steal my DVR I still have the Ring video evidence.

I like redundant systems. :slight_smile:

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That's why I have BlueIris (my PC based DVR) storing still images to a separate device that thieves are very unlikely to find.

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Waking this topic back up...my home is away from the road, and I started with Iris and some cameras, things evolved, Iris died, I moved to Hubitat, patched together a dedicated IP camera system with NVR, some Wyze cameras, and the original Ring doorbell.
But due to an attempt yesterday to steal my log splitter (they got stuck in the yard due to the snow melt), I finally fired up 3 Blink XT2 cameras I bought for another project, and found out Amazon discontinued those, with another monthly subscription as a solution. I still feel like I have a gap, I need to solve this problem soon, put more time into my Hubitat implementation, and go ahead and install a gate to my property. And clean up my cameras.
Is there a DIY home security kit that plays nice with Hubitat? Or lives along side Hubitat without triggering the spouse too much?

Thanks in advance for any lessons learned, or suggestions.