Which rgbw controller... (uk)

So with success on my office lighting using a fibaro dimmer 2 module (switchable and dimmable from both switches and the dashboard) I'm moving forward with my lighting to dip my toe into strip led

So most of the time I'm going to want warm white with varying brightness, but there's every chance occasionally ill want some colour :joy:

I've seen a few old posts mentioning smartlife rgbw controllers, is this still the top runner?

I'm using momentary push to make switches across the whole house if that makes a difference.

Have you checked out wled? Feels a bit quick 'n' dirty, but it's dirt cheap to buy a 5v strip. I use it outside for some holiday lights and a strobe effect for if motion is detected on the driveway. Depends on how DIY you want to go, I guess.

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I have not, but it seems like a good starting point for me.

A quick Google shows me a nice tutorial video for it.

So is it fully controllable from hubitat? And would I still be able to turn them on and off from a momentary dumb light switch?

Honestly, I'm not sure.

I use mine purely from a dashboard, or with various automation rules. I suspect that for your usage, an alternative (more out-of-the-box) solution may be better suited. Wled will allow you to change colours, switch on/off etc all from a pretty decent hubitat driver you can find with a quick search for 'wled'.

Have to admit haven't yet fully explored mounting these little sods in a standard backbox, and my gut tells me it isn't going to work out as wonderfully as I'd hoped.

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I use Lidl light strips connected to my Hue hub, they all work great. :smiley:

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Definitely something I'm willing to play with based on the cost.

Is there any specific led strips I should be getting? Looking for options of colours warm and cool white preferably.

Not sure if I'd describe these as warm white... But I've bought these a couple of times.

I just snip them into sections and resolder.


I use both FIbaro RGBW (441 & 442 varients) and the more simpler TKB Home TZ77 Z-wave RGBW devices. With the FIbaro RGBW driver and the Generic Z-wave RGBWW Driver respectively.

Both work well but the added feature of the Fibaro inputs I have never managed to get working in tandem with RGBW, FIbaro have admitted to me that there is a bug so don't expect input controls to work - not that anyone really uses them anyway.

Fibaro do have some cool effects though, little lighting shows you can trigger like police lights, fire place etc..

Both are 12v/24v so you have a good range of LED strips to use, type 5050 LEDs are pretty good, I always go with RGBW now as the white is much cheaper to run rather than having all red/green/blue on to make white. LEDs can be expensive, I import mine from the vieep site, they are honest and do a good job for a little bit less than Amazon. Many options too!

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