Which are the European shops?

I think it would be very useful for the community to collect in one thread the list of all European shops which sell devices compatible with Hubitat.

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First tip for the list could be IKEA.


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I already bought products in these shops:


I also found these below but I didn't buy from them yet:



For Belgiun and the Netherlands I would recommend this shop, ledstripkoning.be.
They have some Zigbee lights that works perfectly with a Philips Hue hub.
I have a ledstrip and after a while I got some spotlights... and today I ordered even more. Nice ppl, I contacted them with whatsapp and got responds within a hour... not bad at all.
for Belgium and the Netherlands it's free shipping when you order €20 or more...
and they do it fast... All my orders arrived the after ordering.


  • the options like: standard, last on-status, recover after outtage and custom
    are not there in the hue app... but there is a work around...
  • maybe not a real 'con' but the colors are not 100% the same next to a philips hue bulb, you would see a difference. Keep all bulbs in the same fixture/room the same brand anyway so...


  • cheaper
  • If the color is set (with app or google (I don't have Alexa) they do 'remember' the color even after a power outtage.
  • If connected not to Philips hue bridge but directly to Hubitat (driver: advanced zigbee RGBW Bulb), you open a lot of options... (Power restore state, 5 kind of 'transition time', change rate,... YES you can use the 'hueBridgeBulbRGBW' driver but you would lose these option again...
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