Which app corresponds to which app ID?

I am trying to find an app that is filling my logs with debug data. I see the app ID, but I don't see a way to find the corresponding app. In the attached image app 254 is a RM rule, but no where do I find the number 254. I would have thought I'd find something like that in the Settings page. Forgive me if I am missing something obvious.

Not sure if this is what you're asking, but I'll take a stab. If you click on "app:254" it should highlight the offending app for you. In this case clicking on "app:1667" it highlights the app in question.

Alternatively you can click on any device in the devices tab and just replace the device number with the one you're looking for, and the IP with the address of your hub.

If the app showing up in the logs is not actually still there at all, it's probably another issue.


We'll, I knew it would be something obvious. Thanks for the help.


Also, a "hidden" trick I learned a while back and like to share since I think it's so convenient (and not intuitive): if you click the log "level"--info, debug, error, etc.--t's a link that goes directly to the app/device in question.


Wow! That's definitely something I didn't know. What a time saver!

Yes! thanks for pointing that out!

Hi @jeppsenc
Looking at your screenshot in post one there appears to be some access token data.
I'm not sure if it is complete or not but you might want to hide that information or delete the screenshot now that you have an answer.
Just an observation.


Thanks for the observation and suggestion. I deleted the image.

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