Where to tell what tripped?

I've been 'googling' for the last 45 mins and that's a little too long to figure out why the alarms went off.

Please explain this, Google and ALL other search engines will be happy as well.

If HSM trips, the only notification is a possible push message?


There are two places you can see the HSM logs. First is to open HSM App Status page with the gear icon, and click on Events. The other way is to look at the Logs page under the Location Events tab (hit the Reload button to see latest). These logs do not show specific devices

To see specifically the device that tripped HSM, you would need to put that into the notification sent by HSM, using %device% as part of the notification text. Pretty much the point of HSM is to send out notifications, so this is the means to get the information you want.

The next release will add the device name and event to the logs mentioned above.


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