Where to index HE compatible devices


Not sure where to report supported devices.

Just got my HE yesterday, getting started with mu home automation for lighting, already love this hub.

Note: European version model C4 with external Z-wave and Zigbee modules.

I've chanced it going for the cheapest easily available devices, so far so good.

What I'm wondering is how to get new tested devices added to the supported compatible device list.

I have tried the already listed cheap Ikea Trådfri Zigbee outlets, which work great.

Also tried Nexa ZV-9101 Z-wave plus dimmer module with a momentary switch and the Z-wave "Generic Z-Wave Dimmer" driver, working great.

Tried the Nexa AN-179 Z-wave plus switch module with a standard switch and the Z-wave "Generic Z-Wave Switch" driver, working great.
Might change the switch to a momentary though, as it has to be double flipped when used physically after being remote controlled to its reverse position.

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Did you see this?

You can add new, working devices to this list (if they are not already there)

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Also, you can report new devices that work properly with the built-in generic drivers to @mike.maxwell from Hubitat. He can then add the 'fingerprint' of these devices to the generic drivers so that they will be auto-assigned a driver when they are paired with the HE hub.

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Apologies for the enormous delay in response.

Thank you, I'll check the list and add.
Also... Love your apps.

Thanks, will do.

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