Where is support


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What do you mean? Everyone is here and active. Posting, answering questions, cleaning up code, and adding features.


Haven't had a reply to my support ticket since Tuesday too...


It isn't so, we are catching up slowly following the tickets received after the mobile app release and the new portal. Thanks for your patience and understanding.


Really? Not according to the forum software that tracks each user’s posts...


I still maintain that Patrick's picture is false advertising. :smile:


Wait what, 2 hours... That's nuts... I guess I need to post...


I believe I have read every post created, granted some I've skimmed but I try to read and respond as much as possible.

But seriously.... Posts like this do nothing to help. Except to now take my personal time to respond and have some fun...

Hollywood makeup can do anything... But yeah, its a bit old... If I shave and drop 15 lbs it would be pretty close... But not getting me back into a suit anytime soon.


You look better now. Not that I'm a great judge on such things.


Back to work with you!!


Ahh, gee aren't you sweet.

No soup for you!

Ok, back to squashing bugs and breaking things... Gotta crack some eggs to make an omelette.


Well that brought everybody out. Thanks for all the chatter. So happy to see my favorite hub has all the great support. I was a bit discouraged by the articulate, and admittedly mostly fair critique of the Hubitat by some fellow who is leaving. I think the review and goodbye message was a bit over the edge for a product which is still very much in development. The new releases offer an unbelievable amount of improvements and additions it is difficult to keep up with them all. Anyway. thanks for the confirmation that Hubitat will be around for a long time to come.